This is a Public contest. Anyone may enter.

Sun, 08/01/2021 - 3:45am UTC

This contest has ended.

Contest Rules and Details


  • Upload your best headshot.
  • Images must be uploaded before the deadline above.
  • Headshots only.
  • No Selfies
  • Color images only.
  • One entry per person
  • You can't re-enter the same shot if it's already been entered in a previous competition.
  • Winners will be chosen by Peter Hurley LIVE on a Crew Cast after the contest deadline.
  • Click on the thumbnails below to view the larger image, leave comments, and rate your favorites.
  • You can only win HOTM once, but you can still enter to get feedback even if you have won in the past .

The Grand Prize Winner will receive

  • One free year's membership to the Headshot Crew coaching groups (up to $500)
  • Peter's Fstoppers Tutorial set
  • A PhD (Peter Hurley Doctorate) badge on your profile.

One Random Winner will receive

  • A prize from our sponsor


Congratulations to the winner!

WOW!!! We had a near tie people!! Kirstin won by a vote and I went with that decision. Scott's shots rocked so much that Kiristin decided to let him have the FJ200 and trigger since she had actually purchased them herself last month. That's a major crew SHABANG!!! Thanks Kirstin you are amazing.


Congrats Kirstin! Very strong shot!

Well deserved all around!

So beautiful Kirstin!! Congrats on Headshot of the month!

Congratulations very much deserved

Gorgeous image Kirstin!

One vote!!! That’s SO crazy close. Thanks everyone for support + just general help along the way (+ votes!) What I love about Headshot Crew is the teamwork here and how much everyone helps each other to be better photographers (and get the shot.) It’s truly amazing and I’ve always been impressed by how accessible it is. (Thanks Peter!) Beyond excited for PHD badge, smoking gun badge, for an official #shabang + to see Scott’s photos with the FJ200s which I’m TOTALY obsessed with. Off to get working on a self portrait! Maybe that should be the randomizer shot this month? Thanks again!

Congrats Kirstin! So many great entries. Is there a recording of crew cast for this contest voting?

A stunning and beautiful image, love it.

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