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Photography Tutorials

Fstoppers has teamed up with Peter Hurley to produce three premium video tutorials to help you master headshot photography.
Perfecting the Headshot
10 + hours of Peter teaching his headshot technique. This is follow up to The Art Behind the Headshot packed with a ton of new information.
The Art Behind the Headshot
The original four hour video tutorial, produced by Fstoppers. Master pulling authentic expression from your subjects every time they are in front of your camera.
Illuminating the Face
In this tutorial Peter explains several lighting setups for headshot and portrait photography.
Creative Live features three courses with Peter as well as an extensive list of other Instructors.
Understanding how and where light is found when taking a photograph is one of the most essential learnings when taking a portrait. It's easy to spend a lot of time working on complicated lighting set-ups when your best light is often right in front of you. Join Peter as he simplifies the process by walking you through the fundamentals of lighting.
In this class Peter Hurley, author of “The Headshot”, reveals his methodology for capturing amazing headshot portraits.
A headshot can quickly communicate personality and create connection. In How to Take the Perfect Headshot, Peter will teach you how to quickly and consistently capture a person’s personality by identifying and photographing their best side. Peter offers tips on coaching your subject through the process and helping them relax in front of the camera.
KelbyOne offers three courses featuring Peter Hurley as well as ton of other instructors all available for a low monthly subscription.
Join Peter Hurley as he walks you through a series of live headshot sessions and then talks through his editing process. This course is all about narrowing shots down to just the ones that will go into your portfolio to help you get more work.
Over the course of an hour Mia McCormick and Peter discuss a wide variety of topics that range from getting started in the business to figuring out how to create a viable career, from what Peter's typical day looks like to the importance of building relationships, having the burning desire, setting goals, and so much more!
Join Peter in his studio while he works one-on-one with a variety of different subjects and teaches you his favorite tips and techniques for connecting with your clients, building their confidence in front of the camera, and bringing out authentic expression.
Our friends over at RGGEDU have a wide selection of premium photography tutorials available featuring some of the top shooters in the business.