When you join the Headshot Crew you will gain access to hundreds of hours of video lessons, daily video discussions with Peter and the crew, weekly photography contests to help hone your skills, and will be part of our thriving community of fellow headshot photographers inspiring each other to achieve their best and perfect their craft.

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The Headshot Crew is a coaching program like no other. Perfect your headshot and portrait technique as you learn directly from renown headshot photographer and founder Peter Hurley.

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Membership includes your business in our headshot photographer directory. Promote your photography business to hundreds of people searching for photographers every day.

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The camaraderie between our community members is unmatched. Our discussion groups allow you to share your work, get feedback, discuss business strategies, or anything headshot related that comes to mind.

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Our associate photographers have been part of our coaching program, gone through a rigorous training process, and proven to consistently produce top-notch work. They represent the best of the best on the Headshot Crew.

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What are actual members saying?

I have been shooting a ton, consistently, for the past five years. Peter's instruction and the crew he's built has changed my career, my confidence in myself as an entrepreneur, and has shaped my vision of community over competition.

I can’t imagine the last half decade without it, and I am grateful to have found the Headshot Crew.

The Headshot Crew has undeniably transformed my headshot photography, and Peter's mentorship has played a pivotal role in this success. His dedication and leadership have made a lasting impact on the field, and I am grateful to be a part of this community.

I highly recommend this community to all photographers.

Doing the deep dive into Peter's lighting techniques also made me more precise with traditional styles. I cannot say enough good things about the community. The Headshot Crew is far more than the typical photo guru & followers dynamic. It is indeed an entire crew; more than one person. All of the people in this crew have helped me learn something new at one point or another. I dropped several other photo community subscriptions and have kept this one because it is full of working photographers who are keeping themselves up to date, not on trends, but on the stuff that really works!

Being part of the headshot crew has been amazing for not only my business but also my growth as a photographer and a person. The headshot crew a community like not other - one big family of photographers all learning together to be the best they can be while mastering the art of a great headshot. Peter's dynamic coaching style is backed up by a solid crew of mentors to help with everything from editing, camera settings and lighting to business skills and success systems. No other photography group or professional group I have been has offered the support Peter has structured : crew meeting 4 days a week to talk shop and learn backed up with a 24/7 zoom to get help on the fly. Joining the Headshot crew was the best decision I've ever made!

As a Crew member for a while (April 2018), I love to say how helpful it was for me, to become part of the Crew and get feedback from Peter and many Crew members. It affected not only the part of how to take good headshots technically, it helped me to become more comfortable when it comes to represent me as a Photographer.

Beside all advice, it coached my eyes to see color shifts and nefa-faces, weird details with clothing or hairs or distracting backgrounds.

It gave me the self-confidence to know, I can provide something that can help my customers a lot and of course this helps me.

This site changed my life and the only regret I have is not joining earlier. I sat on my hands not waiting to pull the trigger for 2 years. When I finally did join, I planned to do one month, learn everything and leave. Little did I know, even if I hit the site 24/7 for 31 days I would only skim the surface of what was offered. 2 days in and I signed up for the year. It's that good. The Crew will get you started but also keep you moving in building a career as a headshot photographer... but it's not just the content that keeps you coming back, it's the community. Peter has worked hard to make this one of the only positive places left on the internet. This Crew is full of amazing humans who will do anything to help you achieve your dreams.

Prior to the crew, I was just another photographer bidding on jobs. I made $32K in my first year.

After joining the crew, my work became more precise, and I started to know what I wanted out of my work. In 2022 I made $168K.

But the crew is not just about money. It's a place where photographers, whos work typically requires isolation/dark rooms, to have community.

You can grow in every aspect of your business, from headshots and portraits, to marketing, to one off cases with tricky clients. The crew also focuses on mindset and positivity.

For anybody looking to dial in their work, and/or just make some amazing photography friends, I can't imagine any better place.

Thank you Peter for creating this community.

Being a part of the Headshot Crew is one of the best decisions I've ever made and it's an incredible honor. I'm extremely proud to say I am a mentee of Peter Hurley and a part of the Headshot Crew family. We are a very giving and generous group of photographers, supporting one another to perfect our craft and become all around better humans. Peter and the team of mentors pour out so much of themselves and raise the bar continuously. What information is being taught works, following the recipe works, getting in the Hangout and learning works, it all works and I am a much better photographer today because of it, just do it! "stop futzing around"

When I joined the Crew I was just hoping to get some guidance on my work. What I got was an incredible support system of Crew members, Mentors, and Peter himself!

I was blown away about how everyone in the Crew wanted me to succeed, so long as I put the work in to get better.

Now, years later I have been able to use the skills I have learned in the Headshot Crew to leave my 22 year career in the Casino industry to be a full time Headshot Photographer!

I will be forever grateful to Peter Hurley for his guidance, starting a group where I have made some of my best friends from all over the world, and for giving me the skills necessary to provide for my family in a fulfilling way that I never thought possible.

Thank you Peter!!

Continually investing in a Headshot Crew membership has paid off time and time again. Since starting my headshot business, Top-Tier Headshots, and joining the Crew, I've gotten several jobs both from the Find a Photographer section of the site, as well as referrals from other Crew members. Just recently, I was contacted by a company that found my portfolio on the Find a Photographer page and ended up hiring me for a $3500 job. Beyond the monetary benefits, joining the Crew has surrounded me with a community of inspiring and likeminded people who seek to build each other up and cheer on each others' successes. I recommend the Crew to other photographers all the time!