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About Headshot Crew

What is Headshot Crew?

The Headshot Crew photographer community is a rockin place for portrait photographers to hone their craft in headshotland. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out this is the spot to stretch your skillset in headshot photography. Headshot Crew is Peter Hurley's brainchild and Peter considers himself a portrait photographer at heart with a concentration on headshots, so as long as you find a human being less than 8 feet in front of your camera every now and then you are welcome and invited to join.

Peter began his Headshot Crew concept as a referral service for his hand picked associate photographer in New York starting in 2007.  It has evolved into a worldwide network and functions as both an engine for headshot referrals as well as a coaching platform for the Headshot Crew team of photographers and thriving online community.

On this website, photographers can create a profile and upload their best work to be viewed by potential clients looking for quality headshots from a reputable source.

Peter and his team are seeking photographers that produce the quality of work that our clientele have come to expect from the Headshot Crew brand. Those who create a body of headshot work that they submit to Peter and his team for review have the chance to gain a coveted space among the Headshot Crew team. Upon approval of 15 of your best images you are given the opportunity join Peter as one of his Headshot Crew Associate Photographers. These photographers are highlighted on the site and get preferential treatment whenever a referral comes through the network. 


What exactly is a Headshot Crew Associate Photographer?

Headshot Crew Associate Photographers are Peter Hurley’s hand-picked elite team of headshot photographers. They are his go-to photographers for clients in areas that Peter isn’t able to service globally or on a tighter budget and looking for quality headshots at competitive prices.

We feel strongly about pushing work to the photographers who we can count on to churn out amazing photographs for their clients day in and day out.  Headshot Crew Associate Photographers are each running their own photography business their own way.  If you like you can see general session info that we suggest to photographers to get the gist of how Peter would run a typical session here.

Anyone can create a free portfolio profile, but only Headshot Crew Associate Photographers are listed in our featured directory here on www.headshotcrew.com as well as Peter's own site, www.peterhurley.com.


How do I become a Headshot Crew Associate Photographer?

First, in order to be considered you need to be enrolled in the Coaching Groups.

You need to upload your best work and once you have at least 10 solid headshots in a portfolio simply ask Peter if he can quickly take a look by submitting it for a portfolio review.  Peter will look at your work and give you an honest critique of where you are and where you need to be in order to become one of his Associates.  He is very picky on this front, so look at the quality of work being done by the current Headshot Crew Associate Photographers to see if you think you can run in this crowd.

Your work really needs to be top-notch to be included as a Headshot Crew Associate.  We want to feel that it meets the standards our clientelle have come to expect from the Peter Hurley brand. 

We don’t want photographers to get disappointed and give up if they aren't selected to be an associate the first time around.  We're happy to take a look at new shots anytime a photographer feels that they’ve made positive changes in their work.  As photographers progress towards becoming an associate Peter does get more particular about the images that make the cut in the end, insuring that your accepted portfolio is filled with shots that run with our stable of photographers  at the associate level.

We feel strongly about the Hurley approach to headshots and would like every Headshot Crew photographer to be on the same page, so anyone participating in any of Peter's workshops will be placed at the top of the list for consideration into the Headshot Crew Associate Photographer program.


What happens after I become a Headshot Crew Associate Photographer?

  • You are listed as a Headshot Crew Associate Photographer on headshotcrew.com and peterhurley.com
  • Potential clients that have discovered peterhurley.com or Headshot Crew.com in your area will be guided towards your portfolio for headshot and portraiture work.
  • Hand selected Headshot Crew Associate Photographers have the chance of becoming Headshot Crew Mentors and can help Peter out by moderating this website.


Hopefully we’ll be sending clients your way very soon!

So get started and submit your work today.