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A monthly competition for the best headshot.
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December 31st 2019 - 11:45pm

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The Man

Big Thanks to this Crew!!!

With Thanksgiving behind us, I have been ruminating this morning about how thankful I am for this crew and how much just having you guys show up here means to me. We are all here to crank each other up collectively and I certainly couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

To have a community of like-minded individuals that empower and feed off of each other's energy is so unique these days. It's imperative that as we succeed we encourage each other along the way, so we continue to level-up as a whole. It makes me so proud to see you guys supporting each other's efforts. I...

Headshot Track
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PPE fomo

If you haven’t already, you’re going to start seeing posts and IG stories featuring shenanigans from PPE. You’re going to be missing out on parties and dinners and other assorted adventures. You might even feel left out.

This is nothing compared to how you’re going to feel if you’re left out of Headshot Mania 2.

The good news is that there’s still time. It’s not too late to set a goal to make this happen.

PPE is fun, and I suggest everyone make it there once to see one of the biggest photography expos on the planet, but Headshot Mania 2 is going to be a game...

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The Man


Pretty psyched to have the DIY Photography guys come by the booth at Photo Plus Expo. Here's what they did with me:

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The Man

The 5 Day Deal is a go and the Pro add on includes The Art Behind The Headshot!

In an unprecedented move, Fstoppers and I have decided to add my original tutorial to the 5 Day Deal complete photography pro bundle this year! Even if you have that sucker the thing is packed with some major goodies for a killer deal, so grab it today after noon PST! Here’s the link and I’ll be sending out an email shortly:

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The Headshot Crew Podcast is ONLINE!!

Hey everyone!

So this has been in the making since the beginning of 2018 and it's finally here: The Official Headshot Crew Podcast!

Podcasts are a big part of my daily routine. I find myself listening to less and less music during my day and just listening to Podcasts. If you're like me, you're gonna love this one! If you're not, listen to it anyway because it's awesome!

My first guest was the one and only Tommy Collier and I would like to thank him for being available for it.

The podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Here are the links:


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The Man

We've got a new HSC Associate in Berlin PEOPLE!

Chris Marxen rocked out a crazy good portfolio yesterday while wearing a Green Bay Packers sweatshirt no less to secure Associate status and represent the Headshot Crew in Berlin, Germany PEOPLE!

Congrats on the well deserved accomplishment Chris!

Check out his work here:

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Guys. The TNT Method is coming SOON! (Trailer inside)

Everyone has heard about the Tony method of pricing. If you haven't heard about it, let me know the name of the rock you've been living under.

If you ever wanted to increase the average spend per client, look no further. Tony is giving away his secret sauce for you to drizzle the extra income all over your bank account.

The full video will be released for FREE for members of the Headshot Crew! Just all the glorious arms of Tony in beautiful, stunning, and crisp 4K coming directly into your eyeballs.

If you're as excited to watch it, as we're as excited for you...