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The Man

Who's up for Vegas next week? WPPI 2019 is upon us PEOPLE!

We'll have our crew contingent there and would love to see all of you that are going! We've got an HSC booth that we'll be workin to the bone and would love to get together with everyone at some point. The schedule is tight, but we'll set up shop somewhere and let you all know through this post.

I've got a talk on Tuesday morning bright and early and will be on the Canon stage and in the Westcott booth throughout the show. Hope to see you there!!!

Here's a landing page with a 15% off discount off your pass and link to my talk:...

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The Man

Know you guys got this in the newsletter, but how bout some praise for Alaina for rocking this sucker!

I really love this concept and can't wait to launch the other ones we have in the can. Tony Taafe and John Glover coming your way soon. I'm working out who else I'd like to hit and it's based on where I'll be and the plan is to go through Mentors first then get to Associates down the road. Looking forward to getting Mike Schacht going and Pedro as well very soon. Hope you guys kick ass and I'll be coming to you sometime in the future!

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If I Can Do It, Anybody Can...

I was clearing out some stuff from my house yesterday and found this. It’s the first check I was ever paid with for a headshot session. $99, and that was on location! At the time I had just made the decision to fully commit to headshot photography. I’d been in the crew a few months and was in the background hoping I’d magically become an associate and successful headshot photographer without ever actually having to get involved and have my work critiqued by anybody on here, especially Peter. But around this time I’d made the commitment to change that and get involved. The check is a little...

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Photographing military service members - check the regulation

This post is for all the headshot photographers who photograph headshots for current military members and/or veterans:

Being a headshot photographer is not a full time gig for me, but has added value to the work I do in public relations as a civilian and as a public affairs officer in the U.S. Army. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for Peter Hurley and my fellow peers in HSC.

I’ve had several interactions with those in the HSC who photograph U.S. military personnel and veterans. I’ve seen a handful of photos that needed correction due to several uniform...

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The Man

One day only sale on H2PRO Bags! Buy one get one free!

We have a HurleyProGear H2PRO situation PEOPLE!!! Westcott is running a 12 days of Christmas sale and today is a buy one get one free H2PRO bag deal!!! Go grab yours today! #SHABANG!!!!

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The Man

Download your free trial of Capture One 12 PEOPLE!

You get 30 days to try it out and use the code AMBSHABANG to get 10% off your license when you buy that sucker. We'll be dedicating our Thursday Open Mic CrewCasts in December to talking about Capture One 12. I want to make sure everyone is up to speed with it and I'm going to reach out to David Grover and see if we can get him onboard as well. Just go grab your copy and get started with it. I want this crew firing on all cylinders with this thing! Here's the link:

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Friday, October 26th 2018 is the day you’ll start to approach your business, marketing and content differently.

Given you show up for this workshop at Peter Hurley’s studio in New York.


Between 3 and 7 PM HeadshotCrew Associate John DeMato and myself will drop a ton of knowledge to help you change the way you and your clients look at your business.

Screw The Metadata: Curating an Authentic and Memorable Online Presence For Photographers

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

- How to turn your photography business from run-of-the-mill...