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Headshot of the Month for May 2022

A monthly competition for the best headshot.
Submission Deadline:
May 31st 2022 - 11:45pm

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The Man

Bob Proctor's "You Were Born Rich" Free Download PEOPLE!

This is Bob Proctor's Book that started it all for me. Here's a link to the free download , so go grab it as it's not only amazing material, but I'll be talking about it on occasion on our Wednesday Success Track CrewCast.

Here is the audiobook playlist on YouTube .

Success Track
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The Man

2022 Headshot Crew Weightloss or Get in Overall Kick Ass shape Fitness Challenge!

I'm editing this post below with my updates. Edit your original entry post with your updates so it stays in one thread. If you want to jump on this train post below to get started!

The time has come PEOPLE!!! Each year here on the crew we do a Fitness Challenge. We start tomorrow, so who's in?

Make your goals for 2022 and get in on this bad boy with me. Post your acceptance below to create some crew accountability and we'll be off to the races. Everyone is different so I don't care what kind of goal you set for yourself as long as it's going to get you toward...

Headshot Track
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Hi All, I just had to hop on here and write this down. I am so very happy I can barely contain it. I can't believe how much has changed in the year since I joined the crew. I went from being worried I wouldn't be able to pay the $635 a month for my studio rent to today I started the process of bringing in an assistant to work with me and bidding out for a 100 headshot gig at Harvard! I really think my goal of making over $100K in revenue this year is going to happen. Even when I was shooting weddings that never happened. All this business...from headshots! And I am loving every minute of...

Headshot Track
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The Man

Mr. Van Hees hits the big 5-0!!!!

Many of you know that I’m not big on bdays on the crew bc we’d be wishing people a Happy Bday on a daily basis! However, today is a day that I believe needs to be celebrated because James has stepped up to the plate and made it his mission to help change lives through the medium of headshot photography. I have to say that he keeps me in line and keeps the crew on track for success. So here’s a big shout out to a wonderful human who has your best interest in his heart on the day he turns 50! Thank you James for your commitment to excellence on the work done here and keeping me in line in...

Headshot Track
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The Man

2021 Headshot Crew Weightloss or Get in Overall Kick Ass shape Challenge!

Here we are again PEOPLE!

I always get fired up to get in shape this time of year. I don't believe in resolutions because I've always had them fade by the wayside, so I set concrete goals instead. I've been able to keep myself in pretty good shape and stay accountable in staying on track with it when I'm racing my Laser, but since I didn't get to race much in 2020 I let myself get a little behind the eight ball. However, I've got a new workout routine with my buddy that's got me super fired up and I'm actually stronger than I've ever been in the gym. So who's with me to get in...

Headshot Track
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10,000 Headshots Sign-up Form


Here we go again!!! I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited to be participating in this incredible event once again.

While I was unable to be on the kick off zoom meeting, I have been receiving your responses to the questionnaire! We already have a ton of willing participants, and I know that this year will be better than last!

A few things:

1) Please understand that the info we are asking for is being compiled into a large, complex spreadsheet which helps us (the organizing and planning teams) get information quickly, and make moves on the fly....

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