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Crew Mom

Who's in the Crew? - Spotlight on Tara Krauss

NAME: Tara Krauss

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Parker, CO, just south of Denver


WHAT IS YOUR LIGHTING SETUP FOR HEADSHOTS? I shoot with the Flex kit now, but I began with Photogenics strobes. Over time, I have moved from the triangle setup for women to the square setup. I love the beautiful, even lighting that is achieved with the square. For men, I switch between the men’s lighting setup and a parallel setup depending on my mood and what I think best fits the client’s needs. The men I shoot are mostly business professionals,...

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The Man

Bob Proctor's "You Were Born Rich" Free Download PEOPLE!

This is Bob Proctor's Book that started it all for me. Here's a link to the free download, so go grab it as it's not only amazing material, but I'll be talking about it on occasion on our Wednesday Success Track CrewCast.

Here is the audiobook playlist on YouTube.

Success Track
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Crew Mom
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Traveling and the Crew

I forgot my X-Drop arms on my way up north from DC. So I texted Craig Toron, who had invited a few of us over for a delicious breakfast several months ago when I was in the area, about 20 minutes away at my mother-in-law's. I popped over the next morning and borrowed his X-Drop. And I dropped it off the next morning. I just missed him. I wanted to take a selfie with him, but that didn't happen. But I appreciate the use of his gear, and I just thought it was an example of how the Crew helps each other.

On my way back from NJ, I took another route and stopped in to see Richard Waine...

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UPDATE - Personal Branding for Photographers podcast

Hi, hello there!

I started talking to photographers and entrepreneurs about personal branding as a photographer and through photography. My podcast covers real stories and experiences from industry leaders, seasoned and up and coming photographers. I'm the author of the book 'Personal branding for photographers' (Currently only available in Dutch, but I am negotiating an English translated version as we speak!)

I'd love if you checked it out and subscribe. There's definitely some familiar names on the show now, and upcoming!

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