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The Man

A Beginners Guide to the Universe!

I've been following Mike Dooley for some time now and he's got these "Notes from the Universe" that are delivered daily to your inbox via and well worth it, but now he's up to something new.

He's launched a new book "A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe: Uncommon Ideas for Living an Unusually Happy Life" and he's going LIVE to discuss the concepts at 9am EST each weekday for 30 days from March 18th- April 16th for 5-10 mins.

This would be a great way to start your day. So fire up the book and get onboard. The cost is free if you...

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Let's do a 30 day CREW HEALTH CHALLENGE!

I'm so fired up about this!

I know a lot of us face this battle - as my business expanded, my waistline followed suit - but with a little accountability we can become a leaner, healthier Headshot Crew. Who's in? I'll start a 30-day challenge facebook page where we can check in and share successes.

Who's joining me?

Here's the Facebook Group:

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The Man

We are getting close to ramping up HeadshotMania2 PEOPLE!

We are working on bringing you guys another killer conference and need all the support we can get to get this sucker off the ground. It'll be coming to you sometime in 2020 and we are working on nailing down dates and a venue. I think we are close! To stay in the loop on HeadshotMania2 just ask to join our Facebook group here:

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The Man

We've got a new HSC Associate in Berlin PEOPLE!

Chris Marxen rocked out a crazy good portfolio yesterday while wearing a Green Bay Packers sweatshirt no less to secure Associate status and represent the Headshot Crew in Berlin, Germany PEOPLE!

Congrats on the well deserved accomplishment Chris!

Check out his work here:

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The Man

Know you guys got this in the newsletter, but how bout some praise for Alaina for rocking this sucker!

I really love this concept and can't wait to launch the other ones we have in the can. Tony Taafe and John Glover coming your way soon. I'm working out who else I'd like to hit and it's based on where I'll be and the plan is to go through Mentors first then get to Associates down the road. Looking forward to getting Mike Schacht going and Pedro as well very soon. Hope you guys kick ass and I'll be coming to you sometime in the future!

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The Man

Who's up for Vegas next week? WPPI 2019 is upon us PEOPLE!

We'll have our crew contingent there and would love to see all of you that are going! We've got an HSC booth that we'll be workin to the bone and would love to get together with everyone at some point. The schedule is tight, but we'll set up shop somewhere and let you all know through this post.

I've got a talk on Tuesday morning bright and early and will be on the Canon stage and in the Westcott booth throughout the show. Hope to see you there!!!

Here's a landing page with a 15% off discount off your pass and link to my talk:...

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Best Open Mic Crew cast ever.... ? Executive review Thurs 26 Jan 4pm EST


We had a tonne of people on this Open Mic crew cast smoothly led by Ben Marcum.

Mike Schacht gave some awesome insights and advice into pricing and pitching for group headshots, thank god these crewcasts get recorded as the information being dished out was gold.

If this had been a headshot shoot, and you'd got a Shabang'n shot, you could say stop the shoot, we ain't beating that. This was one of those moments.... Thanks Suzanne Covert for the question.

Alaina gave...