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PhD Competition for June 2018

Submission Deadline:
June 30th 2018 - 11:00pm
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Thankful for New Business via Headshot Crew

Just booked a shoot for a local bank which involves 12 staff headshots and one local VIP. Couldn't have done it without the help and support of the headshot crew! Thanks to Peter and everyone else.

PhD Competition for May 2018

Congratulations to the Winner!
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Headshot Crew annual membership paid itself the FIRST month!

When I signed up for Headshot Crew I knew I would benefit from all the content here, the crew, and educational materials. I didn't expect though that my annual membership will pay off itself within a month!

Two days ago I got contacted through the Headshot Crew directory and booked two headshots for Monday with a potential to photograph all the people at that company. So now basically everything else I learned here is for FREE:)

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The Headshot Crew Podcast is ONLINE!!

Hey everyone!

So this has been in the making since the beginning of 2018 and it's finally here: The Official Headshot Crew Podcast!

Podcasts are a big part of my daily routine. I find myself listening to less and less music during my day and just listening to Podcasts. If you're like me, you're gonna love this one! If you're not, listen to it anyway because it's awesome!

My first guest was the one and only Tommy Collier and I would like to thank him for being available for it.

The podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Here are the links:


PhD Competition for April 2018

Congratulations to the Winner!
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A big round of applause to Olli Tumelius and Frank Preuss for become the newest HeadshotCrew Associates!

Great work!

Frank is located in Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany. Check out Frank's portfolio here:

Olli is located in Seattle, WA Check out Olli's portfolio here:

Also congratulations to Wingmen Tommy Collier (Olli's Wingman) and Thomas Wieland (Frank's Wingman).