Recommended Headshot Photography Gear

Hurley LED Flex Kit

With a fully-dimmable combined maximum output of 19,800 lux at 1 meter, the Peter Hurley Kit can illuminate your subject in the darkest of studios or in the brightest sunlight. This output renders near-perfect colors with a CRI of 95 for minimal post-production.

H2Pro Bags

The H2Pro Weight Bag features a uniquely designed removable and refillable water reservoir that can be filled on-location. This gives photographers and filmmakers the ability to avoid both traveling with heavy weight bags and spending money on sand or lead shot.

Feisol Tripods

You all know my favorite piece of equipment besides my Flexkit is my Feisol!

Peter's Go-to Gear

Check out this list of recommended gear that Peter uses in his studio everyday.

Headshot Crew Merch

Here you go PEOPLE! Should you want to adorn yourself with some HSC paraphernalia have at it here!

The Headshot: Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits

Peter doesn't hold anything back in this book. He reveals his tricks of the trade, from his signature lighting look, to how to create good-looking backgrounds on location, to positioning tricks you won't hear anywhere else.