Photography Workshops | Headshot Crew

THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE & THE HEADSHOT INTENSIFIED are my signature workshops that I've developed based on the teaching in my book "The Headshot." I'll be taking them on a bit of a trek around the globe in 2017! Check here for workshops in Europe as well as Australia. 

​A 2 day headshot knowledge infusion extravaganza! Want to go Intensified? Add a 3rd day to the mix and really dig into your portrait shtick.

This course is designed for every level photographer from amateur to pro as long as you understand camera basics, this isn't a technique course in camera settings, but a mind blowing course in handling any human that steps in front of your camera.

I also offer an additional "Intensified" day of shooting for those who want to put their new knowledge to use. Anyone who has previously taken the Headshot Intensive can sign up for the Headshot INSTENSIFED