Photography Workshops

THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE, THE HEADSHOT INTENSIFIED & ILLUMINATING THE FACE are my signature workshops that I've developed and I'm happy to be adding them to my 2016 schedule! Stay tuned here for my upcoming class schedule as the year unfolds I'll be adding dates as well as my plan to hit Europe summer 2016.

A 2 day headshot knowledge infusion extravaganza with Peter Hurley! Want to go Intensified? Add a 3rd day to the mix and really dig into your shtick with Peter.

With the incredible success I've had teaching the Headshot Intensive over the past 3 years and having over 400 photographers rock out the course with me I've learned a ton myself and added that new content along the way.

A 2 day extravaganza into all things facial lighting based the concepts I taught in my Fstoppers tutorial "Illuminating the Face!"

Upcoming Events

Dec 5th 2015 to Dec 6th 2015

The Headshot Intensive NYC DEC 2015
New York, NY
Dec 7th 2015
The Headshot Intensified NYC DEC 2015
New York, NY
Jan 12th 2016
ImagingUSA: From Zero to #SHABANG!
Atlanta, GA
Jan 16th 2016 to Jan 17th 2016

The Headshot Intensive Costa Mesa Jan 2016
Costa Mesa, CA
Jan 18th 2016
The Headshot Intensified Costa Mesa Jan 2016
Costa Mesa, CA
Feb 5th 2016 to Feb 12th 2016

Gulf Photo Plus 2016
DU, United Arab Emirates
Feb 27th 2016 to Feb 28th 2016

The Headshot Intensive NYC Feb 2016
New York, NY
Feb 29th 2016
The Headshot Intensified NYC FEB 2016
New York, NY
Apr 26th 2016 to Apr 27th 2016

Illuminating the Face onboard The Headshot Crewz April 2016
Headshot Crewz, Bermuda
Apr 29th 2016 to Apr 30th 2016

The Headshot Intensive onboard The Headshot Bermuda Crewz April 2016
Headshot Crewz, Bermuda