THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE is Peter Hurley's signature workshop that he has developed as the leader in the industry. It’s rooted in the teachings in his book The Headshot, which encompasses his unique process that continues to evolve.

Headshot Mania 2

Come join a slew of like-minded individuals and core members of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew in Las Vegas for a complete overhaul of your technical headshot prowess while we instill not only invaluable sales and marketing skills, but side by side feedback into what will become your newly refined online portfolio. Learn tried and true techniques that will not only get people in your door but will give you the confidence to take your headshot photography to an entirely different level.

The Headshot Intensive

A two day photography workshop based on Peter's process of producing the highest quality headshots in the industry. This course is designed for every level photographer from amateur to pro alike. The workshop is geared toward headshot photography, but all of this valuable information applies whether your subject is 3 or 30 feet in front of your camera. In this workshop, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Peter's workflow, direction, shooting style and business sense.

The Headshot Intensified

In this workshop Peter throws you into the mix after having previously gone through his Headshot Intensive workshop. You'll spend time working with Peter on digging deeper into the concepts that are proven to make each headshot session a success. This one day workshop is open to anyone who has previously attended The Headshot Intensive. The ideas you learned during The Headshot Intensive are expanded upon here using Peter himself as a guinea pig to help you apply those concepts in a live setting.