Learn how to direct any human being that steps foot in front of your lens

For years Peter Hurley has been perfecting his signature workshop The Headshot Intensive. Rooted in the teachings of his book The Headshot, he delves into his unique approach to headshot photography during this 2-day workshop.

In this master class, Peter reveals everything about his workflow, direction, shooting style, and business approach. The course is geared toward headshot photography, but all the information applies whether your subject is 3 feet in front of your camera or 30 feet away. Rebuilt from the ground up for 2024 this class is a hands-on approach to working with individual clients to pull the very best out of them from the moment they step foot in front of your lens.

Peter is constantly pushing his own boundaries with his clientele and considers himself a student of the game and a lifelong learner. He prides himself on coaching people to discover their true potential from wherever they feel they are presently, so whether you are a seasoned pro or a curious beginner this class is readymade for you. 

Give a Headshot Intensive or Intensified workshop as a gift and let them choose which one to attend.

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What Are People Saying?
Here's what some Intensive graduates have to say about the workshop.

This workshop is incredibly detailed and delivers so much value! I took part in it in January 2018 and was blown away by the quality and insights I got out of it. The money I spent on the course I earned back in a single booking that I only got because of the knowledge and skills gathered from this course! If you're serious about photographing humans (not only headshots) then this workshop will elevate you to the next level.

The Headshot Intensive was three days that changed my photography career forever. If you are serious about getting to the next level of headshot or portrait photography there’s nothing better than learning from Peter Hurley, the best in the business. The smartest decision you will ever make!

If you photograph humans in any capacity, the Headshot Intensive and Intensified are a must. Peter has a way with his subjects and is so generous with his teachings, holding nothing back. After taking the workshop I changed my entire business model to focus on headshot photography and couldn’t be happier. You won’t regret your decision to attend!

We received so much excellent information over the weekend that it was like trying to drink from a firehose!

Without a doubt the #1 undisputed champ when it comes to the best information I've ever received as a portrait photographer.