Photography Workshops

THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE, THE HEADSHOT INTENSIFIED & ILLUMINATING THE FACE are my signature workshops that I've developed and I'm happy to be adding them to my 2016/2017 schedule! Stay tuned here for my upcoming class schedule as the year unfolds.

A 2 day headshot knowledge infusion extravaganza! Want to go Intensified? Add a 3rd day to the mix and really dig into your portrait shtick.

This course is designed for every level photographer from amateur to pro as long as you understand camera basics, this isn't a technique course in camera settings, but a mind blowing course in handling any human that steps in front of your camera.

I also offer an additional "Intensified" day of shooting for those who want to put their new knowledge to use. Anyone who has previously taken the Headshot Intensive can sign up for the Headshot INSTENSIFED

A day long extravaganza into lighting the face. Based the concepts I taught in my Fstoppers tutorial "Illuminating the Face!"

For me, the key to creating a beautiful portrait always begins with facial lighting. I believe that there couldn’t be anything more crucial to your success as a portrait photographer than your ability to shape and control light on the face.

Upcoming Events

Sep 17th 2016 to Sep 18th 2016
Cologne, Germany Sold Out
Sep 19th 2016
Cologne, Germany
Oct 8th 2016 to Oct 9th 2016
New York, NY Sold Out
Oct 10th 2016
New York, NY
Oct 15th 2016 to Oct 16th 2016
Los Angeles, CA 3 Spots Left
Oct 17th 2016
Los Angeles, CA
Oct 23rd 2016
New York, NY
Nov 5th 2016 to Nov 6th 2016
Chicago, IL
Nov 7th 2016
Chicago, IL
Dec 3rd 2016 to Dec 4th 2016
New York, NY
Dec 5th 2016
New York, NY
Dec 10th 2016 to Dec 11th 2016
Seattle, WA
Dec 12th 2016
Seattle, WA
May 6th 2017 to May 7th 2017
Brunswick East, VIC, Australia
May 8th 2017
Brunswick East, VIC, Australia
May 13th 2017 to May 14th 2017
Sydney, NSW, Australia
May 15th 2017
Sydney, NSW, Australia