Craig Capello

Boston, MA
About Craig

Craig is a Boston based headshot and commercial photographer specializing in specializes in the structures, the spaces, the products, and the people that live and work in those spaces.

I graduated with a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara in Environmental Science. With an artistic eye and passion, honed over decades, that can be easily seen in both my creative and professional work.

No matter your business; You deserve beautiful images that make up your brand. Here’s why: Everyone--and that means you too-- has amazing qualities. Everyone has beauty.

Just about everyone gets nervous about a headshot session. And, it’s understandable. #1 My headshot sessions are fun. Personal Branding, Headshots for LinkedIn, environmental portraits for Medical and Dental fields, and acting headshots, and athletes.

Professional headshots are even more vital than ever before to your personal branding and online presence. Whether it’s an acting headshot or a business headshot for LinkedIn, you can not afford to miss an opportunity because of a bad headshot.

With extensive experience working with commercial clients; Collaborating with architects, interior designers, tv/film/commercial producers, and other artists to create remarkable and meaningful images of their work. With clientele in multiple industries to meet their photography and motion needs.

Whether you need marketing and promotional material, or final interior and exterior images to display to clients and partners, if you need a headshot (or some other piece, pitch me your project), shoot me an email or text, or better yet call me.

I will work with you to provide you the photography and video you need. Using the latest camera technology to capture stunning visuals for the entertainment, tv/film, music, sports industries, luxury real estate, & travel destinations.

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If you need a headshot, portrait (or some other piece of photography--pitch me a project, I'm open), shoot me an email, or a text, or better still call me.

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