A two day photography workshop based on Peter's process of producing the highest quality headshots in the industry.

This course is designed for every level photographer from amateur to pro alike. The workshop is geared toward headshot photography, but all of this valuable information applies whether your subject is 3 or 30 feet in front of your camera. In this workshop, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Peter's workflow, direction, shooting style and business sense.

In a nutshell, THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE is designed for the photographer looking to gain beneficial knowledge from the industry leader in order to develop a new skill set when photographing people. So whether photography is your full-time gig or you are a passionate hobbyist who can’t seem to put your camera down, this workshop is for you. 

Sign up for the optional third INTENSIFIED day where you will spend more one on one time with Peter in order to drive all these concepts home.

This isn't a course in camera settings, but a mind-blowing course in handling any human that steps in front of your lens.

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Some Concepts Include

  • Your Director's Toolbox
  • Powering Out The Squinch™
  • The Portrait Photographers Daily Grind
  • The Art of Sherlock Holmesing Your Subject
  • Pulling Out Those Micro-Expressions
  • Creation & Benefit of Utilizing Residual Laughter
  • Direction by Mis-Direction
  • Hurleyisms & Their Application
  • The HURLEY Headshot System
  • The Ricochet Affect
  • Women's vs. Men's Lighting
  • Goal setting & The Power of the PTAG

What Are People Saying?

Charlie Abrahams's picture
"The Headshot Intensive was three days that changed my photography career forever. If you are serious about getting to the next level of headshot or portrait photography there’s nothing better than learning from Peter Hurley, the best in the business. The smartest decision you will ever make!"
Charlie AbrahamsBoston, MA
Amy E Osborne's picture
When I found out Master Jedi Hurley was holding his Headshot Intensive within a day’s drive of my home, I knew I HAD to make it happen. I’m SO glad I did. I loved every minute of it, but the priceless part for me was the 1:1 time together. Do yourself a favor and go. And make sure you look your best when he gets you in front of his lens! If I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.
Amy E OsborneWest Palm Beach, FL
Karaminder Ghuman's picture
This weekend's intensive was like a download from the Matrix directly into my cranium. This morning I woke up abruptly and said, I know headshots!
Karaminder GhumanSan Francisco, CA
Saris Lange's picture
This workshop is incredibly detailed and delivers so much value! I took part in it in January 2018 and was blown away by the quality and insights I got out of it. The money I spent on the course I earned back in a single booking that I only got because of the knowledge and skills gathered from this course! If you're serious about photographing humans (not only headshots) then this workshop will elevate you to the next level.
Saris LangeMerzhausen, Germany
John McLaughlin's picture
We received so much excellent information over the weekend that it was like trying to drink from a firehose!
John McLaughlinWind Gap, PA
Alaina Lutkitz's picture
If you photograph humans in any capacity, the Headshot Intensive and Intensified are a must. Peter has a way with his subjects and is so generous with his teachings, holding nothing back. After taking the workshop I changed my entire business model to focus on headshot photography and couldn’t be happier. You won’t regret your decision to attend!
Alaina LutkitzGreenville, SC
Pedro Jorge's picture
Without a doubt the #1 undisputed champ when it comes to the best information I've ever received as a portrait photographer.
Pedro JorgeLisboa, Portugal

Coming To A City Near You!

The cost of this workshop is $2000. Full payment is due with registration. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

If you'd like to take the 3rd Intensified day that's an additional $1000, you need to click on that link on the workshop tab and add it to your cart as well.

New York, NY
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Durham, NC
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Denver, CO
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Houston, TX
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What Should I Bring?

A DSLR, mirrorless, or medium format digital camera and a basic knowledge of how to use it.

A decent headshot lens

  • Something in the range of 85-105mm for full frame DSLRs
  • 100mm and above for medium format cameras
  • And around 70mm for Crop Sensor DSLRs

Peter often uses a 70-200mm on his full frame DSLR. However, prime lenses can make it easier to stay consistent with the crop and look of your work.

When in doubt bring all the lenses that you feel might work with you and you'll test them with Peter at the workshop.

A laptop to work on files, shoot tethered, take notes, transfer files, etc.

You may also want an external hard drive or flash drive on hand for file transfers.

If you have a tripod that can reach at least 6 feet with a ball head and center column, bring it with you.

If not, don't worry about it, but you will most likely be putting it on your list of purchases down the road. Peter will go over his reasons for shooting on one 95% of the time. His recommended Feisol/Arca Swiss combo can be found on his go-to gear page

Peter's goal for this course is that each attendee walks out a more confident photographer while shooting people than ever before.

Cost and Scheduling

The two-day Headshot Intensive workshop is $2000 and limited to only 12 photographers plus one returning alumni.

We usually start at 10am each day and end at 7pm on day one and 6pm on day two. Logistics with confirmed times and homework are sent out a week prior to the workshop.

You may add an additional third day of The Headshot INTENSIFIED for $1000.  On this day you will spend time with Peter one on one in order to drive all these concepts home. Limited to only 8 photographers.

Anyone who has previously taken the INTENSIVE is welcome to do the INTENSIFIED. That means you can take all three days in a row or come back at any time to take the third day. 

Payment is due in full when you sign up and take one of these coveted spots.


  • All participants will receive promo codes for 1/2 off Peter's Fstoppers Tutorials.
  • We will be giving away a B&H gift card to a random lucky participant of the Headshot Intensive and a second will during the Headshot Intensified.
  • We will also be giving away a Tethertools starter kit to one lucky recipient. 
  • Each photographer will get in front of Peter's camera and he'll personally shoot a SHABANG'in headshot of you. This is an incredible opportunity for you not only to get a great capture of yourself but to gain a unique perspective from being in front of Peter's camera as well.

    This has proven to be one of the most powerful experiences during the workshop. Not to mention it's a $1800 value!
  • All Headshot Intensive attendees will graduate with a BFAS. It's your Bachelor in the Fine Art of Shabanging degree! The BFAS label and any free months you are to receive for taking the course will be added to your Headshot Crew account after you've completed the workshop. 

Some of our workshops are scheduled far in advance for everyone to save up and make plans. Should the venue for your workshop not be designated at this time then we are in the process of setting it up. Feel free to sign up and we will email you as soon as we have confirmation of where it will be. If you need to arrange for travel and would like to be close to the venue, then email the studio and we'll do our best to give you the area where we are planning on having the workshop. Photo rental studios and event space help in the cities we will be hosting this event is always helpful, so if you have ideas let us know!

The workshop is aptly named, so get a good night's sleep prior to coming! We start in the morning and go until around dinner time each day. We have 5 min breaks here and there and stop for lunch.

You'll get logistical information for your specific venue emailed to you approximately a week before your workshop. Should you have any questions prior to the event you can email info@peterhurley.com anytime.

No food is included with the workshop fee. When we break for lunch and dinner you may either go with the group or on your own.

All Payments are in US Dollars and non-refundable, so don't register until you are certain you are ready to roll! However, we try to be as flexible as we can. Should you need to reschedule, inform us at least at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled intensive and we will apply your fee toward a future workshop. If the workshop you cannot attend does happen to sell out then we will open up your spot to our waiting list and try to fill it. If your spot does sell then we will offer you a refund minus an administration fee. 

These workshops are in high demand, so grab your spot today! If you are taking the workshop for the 2nd time then make sure you enter the coupon code for 1/2 off, there is no discount on the Headshot Intensified workshop.  

Questions? Feel free to email us or call the studio at 212.627.2210. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and want everyone to be 100% informed prior to coming to the workshop.  

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Headshot Intensive! 

If you are coming to one of our NYC workshops then here's the NY studio address:

Peter Hurley Photography Studio
134 W 26th Street, Suite 1203
New York, NY 10001

We start each day at 10am in the NY studio for Headshot Intensives outside NYC I will be emailing you with logistics and times we will be starting a week prior to the event. 

The closest hotels to the NY studio are right on 26th Street between 6th & 7th Aves:

The Hilton New York Fashion District

Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave - Chelsea