This isn't a course in camera settings, but a mind-blowing master class in handling any human that steps in front of your lens.

Peter’s goal for each student is that they leave the workshop a more confident photographer equipped with the tools they need to produce top-of-the-line headshots for their clientele.

Concepts taught in the Headshot Intensive

  • Your Director's Toolbox 
  • Powering Out The Squinch™
  • Tweaking Micro-Expressions
  • Creation & Benefit of Utilizing Residual Laughter
  • Direction by Mis-Direction
  • Hurleyisms & Their Application
  • The HURLEY Headshot System
  • The Ricochet Affect
  • The Hurley Triangle, Key, Fill, Kick, and Parallel Lighting scenarios
  • Goal Setting & The Power of the PTAG

We'll be applying these concepts along with various lighting setups over the course of the two days. 


Cost & Scheduling

The two-day 2024 Headshot Intensive workshop is $2497 and is limited to only 11 new photographers plus one additional spot for a returning alum.

Start time is generally at 10 am each day and we end at 7 pm on day one and around 6 pm on day two. You'll receive homework upon registration, so make sure you get to it before the workshop starts. You'll have a pre-workshop video series to watch in order to prep you coming into the workshop as well as a post-workshop game plan for yourself. Peter will email with logistics for your specific venue a week prior to the event and will need confirmation that you are good to go at that time! Should you have any questions email the studio anytime.

You may add The Headshot INTENSIFIED for $1497 for an additional day with Peter. This is a deeper dive into flushing out the concepts from the previous two days. However, once you've completed the 2-day intensive and received your BFAS degree you can always come back to take this down the road if you don't want to take it directly after the intensive. On this day Peter is your guinea pig and you'll have a one-on-one session photographing him while implementing the techniques laid out during the 2-day intensive. It's a clear-cut way for Peter to assess where you are rockin' and assess the areas where you can up your game. Limited to only 6 photographers.

Anyone who has previously taken the INTENSIVE is welcome to take the INTENSIFIED. That means you can take all three days in a row or come back at any time to take the third day.

Payment is due in full when you sign up and take one of these coveted spots and is non-refundable due to the limited space in each workshop.


Bonus Perks

  • All participants will receive promo codes for 50% off Peter's Fstoppers Tutorials.
  • We will be giving away a B&H gift card to a random lucky participant of the Headshot Intensive and a second will be given away during the Headshot Intensified.
  • We will also be giving away a Tethertools starter kit to one lucky recipient.
  • Each photographer will get in front of Peter's camera and he'll personally shoot a SHABANG'in headshot of you. This is an incredible opportunity for you not only to get a great image of yourself but to gain a unique perspective from being in front of Peter's camera as well. This has proven to be one of the most powerful experiences during the workshop. Not to mention at Peter's current rates it's a nice bonus to get a slew of new Hurley headshots for yourself. 
  • All Headshot Intensive attendees will graduate with a BFAS. It's your Bachelor in the Fine Art of Shabanging degree! The BFAS label will be added to your Headshot Crew account after you've completed the workshop.


Daily Schedule 

You'll get logistical information for your specific venue emailed to you approximately a week before your workshop. Should you have any questions prior to the event you can email the studio anytime.

Day 1 (10 am - 7 pm)

  • 10 am - It's GO time. We are diving straight into an immersive shooting environment to start this sucker from the ground up, so be all geared up and ready to roll. Concepts are rolled out throughout the day. 
  • 1 pm - Lunch Break around 1 pm.
  • 7 pm - Optional dinner at a local restaurant with the group if you'd like to attend. 

Meals are not included in the workshop, so feel free to go out on your own if you prefer, but we will try to . You may also invite friends with you to lunch or dinner if you have a travel companion and if they are willing to model for us that's a bonus!

Day 2 (10 am - 6 pm)

  • 10 am - We start off by keying up your best shots from the previous day and applying Peter's color and finishing techniques to your images. 
  • 1 pm - Break for lunch
  • 2 pm - Application during Live shooting - You'll be firing away on the different lighting setups and will work toward producing specific images that Peter has asked for utilizing a variety of people. 
  • During this time Peter will be shooting a headshot of each of the attendees. This is an integral part of the learning process plus you'll walk away with your own Hurley headshot! Holy SHABANG! 


What to bring

  • Camera: A mirrorless, DSLR, or medium format digital camera and a basic knowledge of how to use it.(get your grid on!)
  • Headshot-compliant lens: Something in the range of 85-105mm for full-frame DSLR 100mm and above for medium format cameras, and around 70mm for Crop Sensor cameras.

    Peter often uses a 70-200mm on his full-frame EOS-R5 and keeps it at 92mm ALWAYS for his headshot work. However, prime lenses can make it a touch easier to stay consistent with the crop and look of your work. When in doubt bring all the lenses that you feel might fit into this equation and we'll work it out at the workshop what is best for you.


  • Laptop: to work on files, shoot tethered, take notes, transfer files, etc.

    You may also want an external hard drive, flash drive or SD card on hand for Peter to deliver your files to you.

  • Tripod: one that can reach 6 feet with a ball head and center column on it. If you don't have one you can shoot handheld, but Peter highly recommends being on a tripod. Feisol is his tripod of choice and worth its weight in gold, so ask about our HSC discount if you are interested in purchasing prior to the workshop.  The Arca Swiss P0 or P1 ball heads are also Peter's favs and we have a discount available on those as well. 


Where should I stay?

Some of our workshops are scheduled far enough in advance for everyone to save up and make plans. Should the venue for your workshop not be designated at this time then we are in the process of finding a venue in that city. We will email you as soon as we have confirmation of where it will be. If you need to arrange for travel and would like to be close to the venue, then email the studio and we'll do our best to give you the area where we are planning on having the workshop. Photo rental studios and event space help in the cities where we will be hosting the event is always helpful, so if you have ideas let us know! We don't usually know the best or closest hotels, so we suggest using one where you have a rewards account and can get the best deal in whichever city Peter is traveling to. 

If you are coming to one of our NYC workshops, the closest hotels are right on 26th Street between 6th & 7th Aves:


Can I Reschedule?

All Payments are in US Dollars and non-refundable, so don't register until you are certain you are ready to roll! 

However, we try to be as flexible as we can. Should you need to reschedule, inform us at least at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled intensive and we will apply your fee toward a future workshop. If the workshop you cannot attend does happen to sell out then we will open up your spot to our waiting list and try to fill it. If your spot does sell then we will offer you a refund minus a 5% administration fee or we can get you in contact with the other student that is interested and you can work it out with them. Tickets are transferrable. .


What else do I need to know?

  • The workshop is aptly named, so get a good night's sleep prior to coming! We start in the morning and go until around dinner time each day. We have 5-minute breaks here and there and stop for lunch.
  • No food is included with the workshop fee. When we break for lunch and dinner you may either go with the group or out on your own.
  • These workshops are in high demand, so grab your spot today! If you are taking the Headshot Intensive workshop for the 2nd time then make sure you enter the coupon code for 1/2 off(ask Peter!), there are no discounts on the 3rd Headshot Intensified day.


Questions? Feel free to email us or call the studio at 212.627.2210. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and want everyone to be 100% informed prior to coming to the workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Headshot Intensive! 

What Are People Saying?
Here's what some Intensive graduates have to say about the workshop.

Intensive! Well, after being a part of the "crew" -- for many years of my photographic journey, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago to Peter's Intensive workshop! What a game changer to be hands-on with a great and talented photographer and a like-minded group of willing learners! Money well spent to experience hands-on learning and training with state-of-the-art equipment all while having fun!

My advice is to jump on board early in your journey and hang on for the ride of constant learning and growth! It makes a difference to work with an instructor/leader who truly cares about your quality and success in the photography industry.

I've been a photographer for many years. I've shot everything from TV news to sports. I made a career pivot to working at a photography studio. ...Since taking the Headshot Intensive in April 2023, Peters method has changed the way I shoot. The biggest take away I learned, besides the light triangle, is how to direct people. Its a constant learning process and being in the crew has helped tremendously!

Attending The Headshot Intensive took me to the next level. Working with Peter in person is the BEST! Listening to his presentation first gave me the overview and details of his process, his background, his journey and how he does what he does. Then seeing the lights set up, how he maneuvers them for each person he captures was what I really needed. And of course getting in front of his camera and seeing him in action, and having the experience myself was the game-changer. I plan on continuing to take them because the investment into the Crew and my career will only multiply and have great returns.

This workshop is incredibly detailed and delivers so much value! I took part in it in January 2018 and was blown away by the quality and insights I got out of it. The money I spent on the course I earned back in a single booking that I only got because of the knowledge and skills gathered from this course! If you're serious about photographing humans (not only headshots) then this workshop will elevate you to the next level.

All I can say is WOW! I was really nervous about investing the money in myself and my business, but I am so glad that I did. To Peter and the Headshot Crew member that were there--THANK YOU for all that you do. Its people like you that make our profession so great.

I can totally relate to feeling hesitant about investing in The Headshot Intensive workshop. However, I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did! The workshop turned out to be an incredibly valuable experience, both in terms of the skills I learned and the connections I made with other photographers. JUST DO IT!

The Headshot Intensive was three days that changed my photography career forever. If you are serious about getting to the next level of headshot or portrait photography there’s nothing better than learning from Peter Hurley, the best in the business. The smartest decision you will ever make!

Without a doubt the #1 undisputed champ when it comes to the best information I've ever received as a portrait photographer.

One of the standout aspects of the workshop was the peter’s excellence in guiding the class. his ability to break down techniques and concepts into digestible segments was truly commendable. This made the learning experience not only enjoyable but also remarkably effective. If you're passionate about Headshot photography and seeking a workshop that combines excellence and practical learning, this is one experience not to be missed.

Attending the Headshot Intensive and Intensified workshop was one of the best decisions of my life, besides asking my wife to marry me. Not only did I learn about Peter's techniques and mindset of his shooting style. I also learned what I am capable of. You are given the tools to succeed. Peter was able to find in me and show me that I have what it takes to be a headshot photographer. This class is only the start of my journey and I will be back for another session. I left feeling like I belonged and was a part of this community and was openly welcomed by all. The associates that were present were also very helpful in guiding us and ensuring we understood the technical aspects of shooting. Thank you for everything!

It was by far one of the most insightful weekends I've had in a while. There was so much information to absorb, but it was easy to understand and so relevant to what I wanted/needed to learn.

That weekend helped cement in my mind that I wanted to put in the work, focus on my craft, and grow my skill and business as a headshot photographer.

Learning from Peter to understand the people requests for photo-shoting, what they expect at the end and learn how to direct them to reach the best result it was amazing. Peter was amazing with his jokes, calm and teaching style making you act directly under fire...
Great experience, great classes!

It has made such a huge impact on not just my photographic skills but also my interpersonal skills as I am an introvert. Peter has provided the tools, the recipe, and the forum to get better and I know for a fact the I wouldn't be where I am at if I didn't attend the Intensive. Additionally, the Intensive is a launching pad to networking within the Headshot Crew.

I had purchased some of the videos Peter made before I decided to fly out to NYC. The videos are good. The videos provide value. The Intensive is intense and it's hard to put into words unless you actually attend one.

The amount of golden nuggets that i've received on the intensive and the entire process was exceptional not to mentioned that I was shoot by Amazing Peter Himself. That session itself was worth it alone, not to mention all the learning and amazing new connections that were built during the intensive workshop.

I am a procrastinator at heart, and kept putting this course off for YEARS. One day I pulled my head into the clear and decided to take the dive, and it was the best investment I've made in myself and in my photography in a long time. Peter's no nonsense approach and his personality make it all the better - it was amazing to watch him change the material as we learned it because we are never ever ever too old to learn and the trick you learned an hour ago was replaced by the trick you learned 2 seconds ago. It's all about risking forward when it comes to what you learn - you have to do the thing though and don't keep putting it off like I did...