Jim Dedmon

Matthews, NC
About Jim

I started my passion with photography at the age of ten, after being taught the basics of developing and printing by my science teacher. Over the years it became a hobby through high school and college shooting sports as well as weddings and portraits.
After college I managed a pro oriented camera store for a few years and learned lighting technique by loaning gear to local pros. I would take the latest gear and some beers to their studio after hours and while I taught them the mechanics of the equipment, they taught me lighting technique.
In 2002 I decided to start my business and along the way have shot for a variety of image companies, and still freelance for USA Today Sports. Along the way my images have been used by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sports, MSN, Forbes, Golf Magazine, PGA and more. I have shot NCAA, NFL, NBA, PGA, Nascar for 18 years and continue to do so.
Allow me to put my experience and knowledge to help create great images for you or your company.