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Erik Daems

Venlo, NL
Erik Daems Fotografie
About Erik

I’m Erik, I’m a headshot photographer in the south-east of the Netherlands. I can help you improve your LinkedIn profile picture, resume photo and team photos on your company website.

I’m sensitive to details and always push myself to get the best out of you when you are in front of my lens. People always tell me there is a peaceful and easy going atmosphere when I’m photographing, which eases and relaxes the people in front of my camera. This especially goes for them who were a little nervous before the photo session.

I love music, especially funk and soul like they don’t make it nowadays anymore, I love coffee and chocolate and I spend time in nature and walk barefoot a much as I can.

Find out more about me at or contact me at, +31(0)6 48183454 or hit me up on Instagram