Amazing story behind the man in this image. Before entering the ministry, he owned a photography store and is a great photographer. He stopped by my studio for a book cover shot, and we had a wonderful conversation during the session. As we continued to talk and shoot, I setup the lighting style to match his appearance. It led me in a Rembrandt / baroque / renaissance direction vs typical headshot. I took every lesson learned from listening to Peter critique, but could not bring myself to cut off the cross as it was a big part of his character. Hope you like it!

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Check the reaction this shot is getting over on Reddit.…

Those shots are good candidates for portrait of the month

I can’t stop staring back at the guy, great photo! As Sahardid says: get it in portrait of the month, it’s an amazing character.
Understand however that in this Headshot contest, we rate it to a very specific style of commercially viable headshots. With that in mind this image completely falls out of place (hence the low ratings) still being a fantastic portrait.

Thank you!!! How do I enter portrait of the month?

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