Piers Hendrie

Austin, TX
Piers Hendrie Headshots
About Piers

I am a headshot photographer in Austin, Texas. Headshots are my passion and I love getting people in front of my camera! My aim is to give you an amazing experience, and give you a headshot that makes you really glad you came into the studio.

It wasn't always headshots... I started to get passionate about photography after my kids joined the Cub Scout in 2006, where I remained the pack photographer for 10 years. Now I am a staff photographer for Texas NICA shooting middle- and high-school mountain bike races. My mission is to capture the excitement and thrill of student-athletes on the course, so that their peers and parents can see what they get up to!

To hear more about me and my work, head over to, or call or email!

Phone: 512-666-7612