Nick Schoeffler

Melbourne, VIC, AU
Angry Quokka Studio
About Nick

Angry Quokka Studio focuses on personal branding headshots and portrait photography for business people and actors/performers in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. We have extensive experience in the corporate environment and understand the importance of personal branding in careers.

Our aim at Angry Quokka Studio is to provide everyone who steps in front of our cameras with an image that surpasses anything they've had taken before. This image can then be used as their personal brand image—whether for a modelling agency or a LinkedIn profile.

Our images capture natural expression and personality. We don't force smiles—instead, we understand our clients and build a connection with them. Being relaxed in front of the camera is an important aspect of this, and we coach our clients to ensure we bring out their best.

With over 20 years of corporate experience, including senior roles at industry giants like Google and Microsoft, I bring a unique perspective to personal branding. I understand the intricacies of showcasing authenticity and confidence, crucial elements in today’s competitive workplace.

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