Kamau - College Professor - Reached out to me specifically requesting "Peter Hurley" lighting.

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That’s a cracking shot!

Wow Craig! This shot is so good in every aspect!

Thanks Roland. Much appreciated.

Such a great image!!!! Well done sir

Thanks Daniel. I'm just happy to get an interesting subject in front of my camera :-)

This is awesome Craig. Everything is bang on. Lighting. Expression. Color. Retouching.

Someones getting a new tripod!

lol. Thanks, Joe, but there are lots of great shots out there.

This is really good. The expression, light, composition. Just love it!

Awesome Looking Photo!!!

Damn, that's good! Don't know why this shouldn't get you a new tripod!

Thanks Martin. I surely could use a new one. :)

Powerful image. Strong, Confident, approachable, likeable. SHABANG!!!!

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