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Claudia Hoag

Santa Monica, CA
Hoag Studio
About Claudia

A one-eyed photographer? Aye, matey. And this one eye can see your most flattering angles and your best expressions. You deserve more than just any headshot, and I can show you how to look your best.

I started shooting with my dad's Canon F1 when I was in elementary school, I didn't lose my eye until my junior year in college; while there was a slight period of adjustment it was not as difficult as relearning how to pour a glass of water. When you think about it, It should actually make photographing easier as I already have to create dimensions in a flat capture with my single lens eye! The vision loss does not stop me from doing what I love: photographing people. This is best when they are not too conscious of my camera. I'd like to have a cloak of invisibility so that I could go around taking pictures of people's expressions in crowded places. Meanwhile, I'll bring some humans to my studio and try to get them to be as forgetful of the camera's presence as possible while standing in front of my lens.

My other interests include skateboarding, dancing, oil painting, costume making, learning languages, doing puzzles, watching foreign films, and puppies. I'm forever grateful to Pure Barre for bringing me more life (I don't miss a class even when I wish I weren't going to class), and a firm believer in healthy eating (like avoiding grains and dairy, and eating organic stuff) especially when dealing with autoimmune diseases.

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