Usually I prefer to spend at least 30-40 minutes with each client but on that particular day I had 6 people scheduled every hour for the full day so I had only 10 minutes for each person. Since I had to work really fast I knew that I couldn't set up 'Peter Hurley' triangle lighting. Instead I set up a 'sandwich' lighting using 48"x36" soft box for the top light which was only 2' away from client's face. Because this soft box was pretty long - it wrapped the client's face beautifully no matter which side of the face I was shooting. I knew that a triangle lighting will provide better results but I didn't have the luxury to adjust all three lights for each client.
In short - I was able to get all required head shots within limited timeframe and there were no people waiting in line. Did I forget to tell that I was working on client's location with only my mobile photo studio equipment, not in my studio where I could set up all lights, WB, exposure etc. in advance the day before. Sure next time I'll try to do better even under such a time pressure. But I like this headshot as 'The best one taken under those circumstances'.

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Beautiful! Clearly you know what you're doing!
And what a beautiful subject - she reminds me of Jennifer Gray in her Dirty Dancing days.

Thank you Vanessa. She was fantastic and very responsive to my directions, so I got twice as many great shots of her within 10 minutes compared with others. And yes, she resembles Jennifer Gray. Thanks for noticing this.

I don't think Taccara can't take a bad photo, well done.

Thank you Hector. Yes, it was a pleasure to work with her. Once I made her laugh it was easier to concentrate on solving other things that are important for a good headshot. I was looking at Taccara on my screen but Peter Hurley was on my mind.

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