Lynda J. Chan

Orillia, ON, CA
Lynda J. Chan Photography
About Lynda J.

A headshot. Y​ou know you need one. And "mediocre" isn't in your vocabulary.

You also have a lot on your plate. But what to wear? How to book? How to even find?

No worries. I'm here to make it easy for you. And "mediocre" isn't in my vocabulary, either.

I've photographed a wide variety of genres, but for me, nothing can beat taking a portrait of a person. It may be a classical portrait, a headshot, a composite, but it is a wonderful thing to have them in front of my camera. Then I have the privilege to do something with my skill, and give them something that will boost their confidence, warm their heart, help move their career, build their legacy.

I take my profession seriously. Part of that is having a lot of fun with my clients to make it a wonderfully memorable experience. That goes into a great headshot for them.