This is a Public contest. Anyone may enter.

Sat, 01/01/2022 - 4:45am UTC

This contest has ended.

Contest Rules and Details


  • Upload your best headshot.
  • Images must be uploaded before the deadline above.
  • Headshots only.
  • No Selfies
  • Color images only.
  • One entry per person
  • You can't re-enter the same shot if it's already been entered in a previous competition.
  • Winners will be chosen by Peter Hurley LIVE on a Crew Cast after the contest deadline.
  • Click on the thumbnails below to view the larger image, leave comments, and rate your favorites.
  • You can only win HOTM once, but you can still enter to get feedback even if you have won in the past .

The Grand Prize Winner will receive

  • One free year's membership to the Headshot Crew coaching groups (up to $500)
  • Peter's Fstoppers Tutorial set
  • A PhD (Peter Hurley Doctorate) badge on your profile.

One Random Winner will receive

  • A prize from our sponsor


Canon is sponsoring our Headshot of the Month Contest! We'll be giving away a M50 camera and 2 Pixma Pro 200 printers! Winner’s choice and the others will be randomized. Free shipping in the US, foreign winners must cover shipping costs or I’ll supply something that is a digital replacement.

SHABANGRS is also giving away one SHABANGR for our 10th Birthday. Must enter the contest to win, join the SHABANGRS discord and tag one photographer in our tweet about the contest.

All randomized winners must be present to win. Here's the zoom link for January 4th at 4pm ET: https://Invite Link

We are giving away one SHABANGR randomly with this one as well to one of the entries. Get your shot in for a chance at that sucker! 


will there be a recording to check out? i had to leave early!

This is going to be such a HUGE contest!!!

If you’ve had critique on a HOTW submission and then fixed up your photo from the feedback, can you enter said photo in HOTM?

James Van Hees

Congrats! Nailed it! 100%! Awesome way to end and start a year!!!

i do not believe so "One entry per person, you can't re-enter the same shot if it's already been entered in a previous competition" But would also like clarification

Hmm...I wonder if that's new - because many people have entered winning HOTW photos into HOTM...

Ive seen it multiple times in the past as well, its either noone knows of the rule, or they never took it out of the rules list

You can't enter the same shot twice for HSOTW into the next HSOTW, same for HSOTM, but...... you can certainly put a HSOTW winner (or close) into the HSOTM. Caveat is, if you did not even get polled on HSOTW, then you should not enter the same images into HSOTM.

Also if you get polled but you get crushed in HSOTW, you can fix some elements based on Peters opinion and then submit it for HSOTM

I was blessed last night with a friend who brought his son to my studio and I found common ground and talked to him about him going to start his university life. I just started telling him to believe in himself and to aim high and to settle for anything less than excellence and the young man reacted with eyes that are loaded with hope and anticipation. I guess my mom was praying for me really hard!

Congratulations Mike! This was a HUGE contest with some tough competition. Way to go!

Daryl just topped it off with #100!!!

when is the crewcuts for this epic event?

Holy moly! Do we hit 150 by the end of tonight?

Damn I missed the deadline

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