Here's the plan PEOPLE!

I'm totally charged about what we are going to do with PH2PRO over the coming months and years down the road.  There has never been anything like it and we are creating an incredible coaching environment for learning combined with a referral platform for you guys to actually capture clientele.  How super cool is that!  I'm loving the fact that we haven't announced a launch yet and referrals are already coming down the pike for some of you through the site.  Can't wait until we get it firing on all cylinders in the coming weeks!

My goal for everyone on the site is to get them up and running so that their work can run with my PH2 Associate photographers.  This isn't going to be easy for some, but I want everyone on here growing as a photographer and aspiring to create amazing headshot images.  The way it is going to work on the associate front is that I'll personally be scanning the site for photographers to be invited into the PH2 associate program.  Those invited photographers will be able to submit a portfolio review to me and I'll help them build it out and doing one on one coaching with them. I don't want everyone to be able to do this because I'll be overwhelmed.  It is for those that I feel are ready to make the leap or have found this site and are already rockstars in their own right.  
For those that aren't ready for the associate level, this is the place to work on your craft in order to build a portrait business where you feel your clients are getting value from shooting with you.  I really want this to be a nurturing environment for those that are getting their portfolios up to speed.  However, I can't personally coach everyone, so the site will be set up with the tools for you to take your photography to the next level on your own.  I'll always be there should you need anything and will always take a look at someone's work if they ask me personally.  However, I get asked questions by photographers on a daily basis, so what I've decided to do is answer them in a public forum.  We'll be setting that up on the site shortly and you'll begin seeing the questions and comments once I fire it up.  I'm also going to be adding online course curriculums to the site that people can take with assignments, etc.  This may be a few months down the road and I'm not sure of what I would charge for something like that at the moment.   I will be doing conference calls, spreecasts, google+ hangouts for people in different groups.  I'll be posting notices up for everything that I have coming down the pike.  For the Apprentice group, I am devoting more time and attention because these are the photographers that have taken it to the next level by coming to THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE.  My goal is for all of them to become PH2 Associates.  
I'm also developing a Mentor group that will help me with talking to individual photographers about their work.  This is where you can have individualized attention to your work with someone I feel has the eye for what is right or wrong in a particular shot.  When we launch the site I'll be actively adding value by producing content for you guys that will be available for those at the protege level and above.  We are a few weeks away from launch at this point. You will definitely be getting enough through the site itself to better your craft and you can always email me directly to look at your stuff.  I'm here to help when I can.  However, I think the best thing I can do for you guys is to keep shooting, so I don't want this to interfere with my shooting schedule.  I come up with new ideas by shooting and think we can all benefit by the little things that crop up on set that I can talk about.  That said, if it takes a while for me to get back to you that's why.  The goal is to up everyone's game worldwide and start sending referrals to everyone on this site in there target market.  I hope all of you are ready to take it to the next level!  


STOKED! Eager to learn & contribute as part of this community.

Im well rested from vaction and ready to get to work...;-) Let the learning begin!!!

Ditto what Michael said.

Can't wait. I'm glad to be part of this.

agree with all of you, can't wait the next shooting

PH2 is the place to be. Excited to be a part of it!

It really does seem that all the best headshot photographers from all over the world are connecting on PH2. It's awesome to see so many people jazzed about shooting headshot!

Glad you guys are fired up. We are tweaking it constantly and I'm going to be adding content to the site on a weekly basis. Probably announce a spreecast soon because I really like how that went and we don't need to call in to do those. That way I can bring on guests to speak to you guys and everyone worldwide can be one without having to worry about their phone bill.

Peter, you know I am stoked and couldn't be happier to be involved with this project and this site!!!!!! Thank you so much for making it all possible.

Love the plan ! I'm sure this will become THE Website everyone need to be part of !
Thanks Peter !

Sounds great! I am so proud to be a part of the PH2PRO community. Looking forward to it and all that's in store for it in the future. Thanks Peter!

Thanks Peter for what you are doing. You are bringing so much positive energy and inspiration to us. And you have been teaching me so much and giving me so much confidence already. I truly find this is amazing.

Loving the energy of this group and looking forward to sharing and growing with it

Great plan! Looking forward to learning and contributing as much as possible.

Thanks, brother! One week and the PH2 site has me on Google's first page in Scottsdale!

Thanks, Peter! This is such a perfect opportunity/gift. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear... I feel like I'm in the perfect place at the perfect time. The DVD has been an incredible resource already, and I look forward to sharing work and feedback with you and all the other amazing photographers on PH2!

This is great, I purchased the DVD the same day it came out and I am still fired up with Peter's way of seeing and experiencing photography. Then this site is putting all the pieces together and I believe is the way to go.

Thanks Everyone! We are going to keep working at it. Once this goes live we'll be active with weekly updates. Just used this new service called Spreecast and I'm pretty fired up about it. Should be a fantastic teaching tool.

How do I join your coaching program or become a member here seem the posts I can read are extremely limited Peter?

We'll be launching in a few weeks and then everyone can take advantage of the coaching and getting a shot at becoming a PH2 Associate. I'll start actively coaching at that time. Hang tight!

Great, thank you Peter looking forward to getting involve.

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