Emilie Tournevache

Montréal, QC, CA
Emilie Tournevache Photography
About Emilie

I’m an headshot photographer based in Montreal, The North American city where you can hear French on every corner.

I think you can describe me as a people person. I love learning about different cultures, meeting people and hearing their stories. Thought that doesn’t explain why I’m a photographer, it sure tells why I specialise in headshots.

For photography it’s just who I am. As far as I can remember, I always had a camera with me, either mine or my parents. Even if I knew early that I wanted it to be my working tool, I haven't graduated from a photography school. Instead, I studied Computer science in France, where I learned an important asset for this field. Then, I went to England to graduate in a Bachelor of Art where I reconnected with film and medium format. I finished my studies in Canada with a degree in Design of events that led me to work for a few months with the “Month of photography in Montreal”’s great team.

Not so long ago, I met Peter, and he helped me feel confident in the path I’m taking. He is a key person in my life, and I’ll always be grateful to him. It’s only the beginning of a long story for me... I know I’m gonna rock it and become one of the best headshot photographer you will ever know. I mean I have to ! There is no other way after having Mister Hurley as a Teacher.

All in all, for me photography will always be more than just a picture, it's an exchange, a feeling.