Michael Cavotta

Woodmere, OH
About Michael

Michael Cavotta is a headshot photographer and personal branding coach known for bringing people face-to-face with their authentic selves. Ask him about his work and he’ll tell you: "My job isn't to take pictures of perfect people...it's to identify and amplify the exceptionalism that’s found within in us all. Being photogenic is just a state of being in front of a camera where authenticity outweighs insecurity."

As with most things in Michael's life, his relationship with the camera was an unscripted one. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Asian Studies, Michael spent the next 17 years in international business development and launch branding for startups. Along the way, he picked up a camera and taught himself how to use it.

In 2009, Michael traded the mercenary work of branding opportunity for the missionary work of branding people. A year later, he rented a studio space and connected with renowned NY headshot photographer Peter Hurley, who has been a friend and a mentor ever since.

From the outset, Michael's approach was less like the typical headshot experience and more like something, well—more. By 2010, the development of the process he now calls photobranding put him at the forefront of the personal branding movement, culminating in his certification as a Reach® personal brand strategist in 2013.

In the years that followed, Michael's original thoughts on image and authenticity—something he calls the You Quotient™—have been published around the world. When he's not busy boosting a fellow exceptionalist's YQ, Michael enjoys CrossFitting with his wife and two kids. Otherwise, he can be found watching one of his favorite TV shows with Kitty the pint-sized pit bull curled up in his lap ★