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Anita Watkins

London, ON, CA
Anita Watkins Photography
About Anita


I took hockey lessons when I turned 40.

I thought that was my midlife crisis but I find myself thinking about a tattoo. Have it planned: "&". For the "miracle of and." Why be forced to choose between wonderful things? That is my personal motto. My son is begging me not to!!

My kids’ friends love my homemade pizza.

I can make a cake look like a mermaid, Yoda, a hockey rink, an asteroid, a treasure chest or even an eyeball (Series of Unfortunate events theme). Clearly, not at the same time.

In grade 8, I won the penmanship award.

I also like to ride through parking lots on the back of a grocery cart muttering “wheeeee”. My children don’t believe I do this.

My dog loves me best even though I was the only one who said she looked ugly when we shaved off her beautiful fur coat for the summer. Go figure.

My cat’s name is Liz Lemon, in honour of Tina Fey’s character in 30 Rock. She is one of my heroes.

I have only been close to one fight as a hockey mom. Really. All three of my kids have played hockey so that is a lot of missed opportunities.

I have been to all five great lakes in one year. I LOVE those lakes.

I have seen 3 Broadway shows in 28 hours. My daughter dragged me. It was awesome.

I have spent most of my life in education. I adore the process of learning (anything!!) and helping others learn.

I have a passion for never taking myself too seriously. If I do, my family quickly brings me back. I have three extraordinary children, two girls and a boy, who are much better people than either my husband or me. We are not sure how we got so lucky. I married my best friend.

I also have a passion for taking pictures of people. I know that anyone, with some coaching, can look fantastic in front of the camera. I have learned the most effective and ground breaking techniques from one of the best in the business: Peter Hurley. My job is to allow the most authentic version of you shine so that your audience will be able to connect with you. My style is straightforward, playful, simple and engaging. Our sessions will never be boring. Working out of London, Ontario, I can travel for on site work all over southwestern Ontario. I specialize in headshots and portraits and promise to deliver images that are insightful, fearless and authentic. Seriously.