John Godwin

London, KEC, GB
London Headshots
About John

Commercial Photographer in London who also shoots headshots in London! Avid bodybuilder and MMA fan for the last ten years.
No point in saying what I get up to in my spare time, because everyone knows photographers don't have any. If I'm not working, I'm generally retouching a previous job or shooting personal work.
On the personal side of photography I have a huge passion for derelict buildings and landscapes, and love shooting anything abandoned or in a state of decay. Have recently begun shooting image composites for clients featuring dramatic landscapes and people lit in the studio. Finding I'm liking this way of working more and more.
Occasionally shoot products, too, but only if forced!
My main body of work at the moment is NDA stuff for smaller advertising agencies or design companies in the south east of England. Commercial work can be a bit of a bummer as I don't get to display it right away, and sometimes ever, but it pays the bills and is mostly good fun with loads of great people.
I love shooting actors headshots because every face is different, and there's no other kind of shoot that teaches you how to build instant rapport with someone you've only just met. It's a great feeling to show someone the back of the camera or the laptop screen and have them say "WOW!". I think a headshot session is where that "wow" means the most to me. Getting someone a bookable image is an amazing feeling. 
So yeah, I'm either in the studio, on location, or in the gym. Just realised how boring that sounds. I also play guitar (badly), do a lot of reading, and love cooking. Still doesn't sound any better, does it?