This image is my first attempt at utilizing the PH system. This is my oldest son, CJ. He's 11.

Contest Media


Hello all. I am commenting because I will be unavailable during the crew cast when Peter reviews each submission. I'm active duty Navy stationed in Bahrain, so the time difference is significant.

For context, I am a new member as of Feb 2024 but have been following PH for a while and decided to finally take the plunge and not only join but take some steps forward in the right direction with gear, etc. I do not have the Flex Kit (priced just out of range), but I have a seemingly suitable substitute (Thanks Godox).

I have much room for improvement, especially as a LR user who just recently purchased C1 as well as employing frequency separation for skin in PS that I just learned.

Thank you for your critiques and encouragement.

Shot w/Sony 7A4
70-200 F2.8 GM at 91mm (just missed 92mm)
Godox FL150s & FL100
Light edits in C1 & PS



Nice shot Christopher, like it a lot!

Awesome first shot!!! #SHABANG!

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