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Brenda Boyd's picture

This is Kamden. He's 10 hears old. He was fun to coach.

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Lisa Marie Pane's picture

Those eyes! Those freckles! That hair! Cool looking kid!

Travis Jordan's picture

My gosh!

I'm in the fence as to where your image ranks with the two of Brock's I consider most inspiring, his absolute best.

In either case, once you provide Kamden the confidence he needs to overcome the ridicule he's likely, and wrongly, absorbed in the schoolyard, I'd bet 100:1 he's got a lifetime of comfortable & steady work in front of camera, if he so wishes.

Personally, i think freckles are like a Milky Way of immensity carried for all to appreciate. My eyes actually see a depth differential (like hovering) in the different degrees of pigmentation, so it's like a visual masterpiece. Adding the firestorm red hair, and coral reef eyes, probably makes some angels jealous : )

Photographer Takes Portraits Of Freckled People To Celebrate Their Unique Beauty | Bored Panda

Brenda Boyd's picture

Thanks you, Travis. That is amazing feedback.

Daniel Turbert's picture

Great color tones!

Chase Rossman's picture

Wow this is just an amazing image