2024 HSC Fitness Challenge!

Ok PEOPLE! Every year I've been attempting to get this crew in better shape and this year I want YOU! Doesn't matter what your fitness goal may be, just that you live a healthier 2024 than you have previously and do whatever you'd consider being a more fit healthier you. 

Could be to sleep better or drink more water. For some it may be to lose weight, while for others it may be to gain muscle. Whatever it is for you set a goal and get to it. 

My goal is to get my knee back to being fully operational and start the Olympic Trials in February at 185lbs. If you look at our past challenges I'm usually weighing in around 210 lbs this time of year, so for me to be sub 190 right now makes me pretty psyched! I'll step on the scale on New Year's Eve and post the shot. I don't want to do it after that because I'll be chowing down that evening and at the Polar Plunge brunch for sure!

If you are in on this feel free to post below a pic of some sort of just let us know your goal to keep yourself accountable with us and we can check in on this throughout the year.  

Here are some HSC Fitness Challenges from the past: 









My goal is to get to my goal weight of 131 pounds. Yep… it’s a very significant number because 311 is my lucky number and the image # that was my very first headshot I loved and it was of my younger daughter. Plus, that is a healthy goal weight for my size which is 5”4’. This means I have just under 40 lbs to lose. (The highest weight I’ve been in my entire life.) Let’s do this! 👊

My weight goal is to be no more than 190 lbs by year end. Current weight is hovering around 225. I have been above 220 for 3 years.

My best weight was 175, and lean muscle. Waist size 30. Current waist is 34/36 depending on the pant. I have lost muscle tone, and gained fat.

My exercise goal is to road bike at least 60 miles per month. And add in some dirt-track biking for extra flavor. The Gym doesnt hold my attention, but biking does. I will work on arms with weights at home and calisthenics.

Great to know what holds your attention. If you lose mojo with this stuff it’s over. For me I’m really not working out much. I barely hit the gym, haven’t been on the peloton in months. It’s a clothes rack basically. I do go to my trainer two or three times a week though. He keeps me motivated. It’s really all been diet. I found I have to trick my body into different types of eating routines for it to respond. When I think I’ve hit a wall I mix it up and get results again. It doesn’t work without me quitting the drinking though. So that was a challenge. I stopped Oct 8th right after the Hideaway and am not drinking until my twins 21st bday on the 1st of February. It’s gotten easy now. Plus I’m productive as a mf compared to when I was throwing back the beers!

I’m in. Been in gym five days a week and stretching regularly in recent months but last step is to dial in nutrition. Planned to hunker down 1/1/24, a Monday, no less, so glad to have company!

Since October 8th. Just after getting home from the Hideaway and Durham Intensive. Huge health difference and only way I could break the 190lb barrier. Miss the 🍻though!

I'm definitely in! Prioritizing my physical and mental health has been really important to me over the last year or so, and will continue to be.

I put a few pounds on (blame the holidays). The goal is the 170 mark. While I'm not that far off (somewhere around 6-8 lbs), I am also working on tone and mobility.

I'm probably not going to be posting any random "ab-alerts" any time soon, but I'll put the work in to get there!

#LFG! 💪🏻

Sidenote: For anyone that has a Peloton - I ride 3-4 days out of the week. Let's do some group rides together!

Well you’ve done ridiculously well since making the decision to fire it up. Cool on the Peloton! We do have a #headshotcrew there. I should get back on it. But I suck!

My goals for this year: Get my squat to 225 lbs (currently at 172.5); bench to 135 lbs (this will be a stretch as I’m at 92 lbs now); and deadlift to 250 lbs (currently at 225 lbs). Besides my photography , I’m also now a coach at a Starting Strength gym so if anyone wants an informal consultation, hit me up.

Wow! That’s some weight you are throwing around. Chris Gillett has been power lifting and it’s been cool to see his transformation.

Did two powerlifting meets in 2023. Looking to up my scores big time in 2024!

Anyone have a Garmin device? We also have a Strava group going. I discovered this this morning!

I have the Garmin 945 and the garmin HR chest strap. I have been using it for 2 years every day for running, hiking and riding . Flawless. Battery life and GPS capabilities are second to none. I highly recommend it.

Im in! I was in last year, started in Feb and have been walk/running since, swam all summer and now started Cross Fit in Sept! THANK YOU! this year I want to tone and work on my strength, I want to try a triathlon!

I’m in. My goal is to see less of me on the scale by 12-31-24, about 40#’s less. Today walking with a buddy and deciding if I want to join Fleet Feet Running Club -STL for intervals, either 5k or 10k.?.? I like biking too and want to do the entire Katy Trail not in one day.

It is not official until I signed up but, my goal is to go back to exercising and a triathlon lottery sign up for June. My daughter is very exited and this will be her first joining me.

I’m in! I need to go after my health and finally get it done. I was laid off in November and gained roughly 10lbs since! I’m back up to 252. I’m going to begin working out again 3-5 times a week. My goal weight for the end of 2024 is 210!

Let’s go!

Great idea here Peter. I'm in for the challenge, as I have to admit that I have let myself go these past couple of years. As a former athlete (swimming and water polo), I understand the importance of being in better shape. It will also help me with my outdoor landscape photography, allowing me to get back to hiking into remote scenic locations here in our Colorado mountains. On January 1 I'll post some type of the "before" photo and starting weight, and will develop a plan to improve those through 2024.

Count me in Peter Hurley .

Goal is to loose 20lbs to getting down to 180lbs and keeping it there. After a couple of rough years, in 2023 I had already lost 20lbs.
Last summer had competed in the half-ironman mixed relay where I covered the bike part and where we placed 2nd by 90 seconds.
I plan to race again with my team in July; increasing speed, decreasing my ride-time from 2:55 to 2:40 for the 90km. Weight will play an important role, namely as I ride on an entry level bike that weighs 12kilos (26.5 lbs).

Finally, I am looking to keep adding more KOMs on Strava, just scored my 14th KOM for this year today, totalling 18 since 2020. Again, weight will play an important issue, too!

Join me on Strava: @patricpop.photo

I'm always in for these! Always better to have the crew with you too!

Usually I start the year off around 195-205lb it seems with a goal to get in to the 170's with a good muscle comp and BF% (13-15%)
This year I have a boost (weighing in at 185 right now) and a health setback (a procedure to start the year off...) so hopefully I'll be able to hit the ground running mid January and get to my goal sooner!

Weight lifting, Peloton bike (add me! clbd39), outdoor walks and runs, and that ever important 4-5 liters of water a day and 8 hours sleep!

Lets go!

I’m in. I really need to strengthen my lower back. I’m not sure if that means yoga or Pilates or what but this will kick me into gear to figure it out.

You'd be amazed at what you can do. I never thought I'd hit my goal of being 185lbs for the Olympic Trials in February, but I've learned that my body figures me out and the dieting tricks I was doing stop working for some reason. So I canned them and started doing my own thing(which I can't even tell you what it is bc I don't really know) and low and behold this morning I hit my goal of being 185! When I was getting close I bumped it up to today. Now going into January I know I'll be the right weight for the regatta.

I essentially found that starting off with the Scarsdale Diet was the best for me. But I would get through the 2 weeks and not know what to do next. So I did a modified Scarsdale by basically just being less strict. And it seemed to be ok, but I wouldn't lose any more. So I went to a Ketogenic diet and that worked for a bit and then stopped too. The cravings during these diets were a little tough, so I would always mess up somewhere. So I did the Keto with a slight intermittent fast each day. Basically I wouldn't eat breakfast. Then that turned into doing a OMAD one meal a day deal. That worked as long as I didn't indulge at dinner. But what really did it was reading the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris who said you can have one day where you eat whatever you want. He said it helps cravings and knocks you body off track from what you've been trying to do. So I did that! It worked but only because after I did it I would usually feel good enough the next day to do a 48 hour fast. I started trying to do this twice a month. It worked!

So I think I've got a pretty good idea of what works for me know. But I know my body needs me to mix it up. I patted myself on the back for hitting my goal weight this morning of 185 and I just came off a 59 hour fast!! Feels like a SHABANG!💥 to me!

I use the Zero App for fasting and the Garmin scale with my watch for weight.

I am in! Health is big goal for me this year. I do need to lose some weight too but that is done through diet for me sadly but that is one part.
But mostly I want to keep my body going so plan to walk 3-4x a week and add Pilates back into my routine to strengthen my core and help with stretching. I've always done Pilates but then my location closed in May and I've been at loose ends every since... need to find a new Pilates class and get back into it!

I'm pretty limited at the moment while I wait on surgery for my torn hip labrum and spinal stenosis (getting older sucks!). I've been reasonably consistent getting in a 45 minute TRX/free weight workout twice a week while I can't hike or run, but I am planning to up to anti to every second day knowing that I will need to take a couple of months off post hip surgery.
I am also doing 2 sets of 10, 50 lb band assisted pull ups as part of my routine, so my main goal is to reduce the band resistance and eventually get back to being able to do full unassisted pull-ups, plus improve my muscle tone.

I'm 5' 5 and my starting weight is 114 pounds (should be nearer 118 so I need to add back muscle). body fat 19.8%.

I'm in!! I was part if this the last two years, and it's very helpful. This year I am celebrating one year at my goal weight range, after losing 50 pounds from my 5' 0" body. A modified One Meal a Day regime works great for me.

I haven't been weight training, and that, along with regular yoga and walking/hiking, are my goals for this year. Oh, and pushups and planks daily. I remember when Michelle Obama dropped and did 20 mens' style push-ups on some talk show, and I said, damn, can I do that? I started out being able to do five clean, good, regular push-ups, and added one more each day. I got to twenty. I'm gonna do it again. Don't ask me about pull-ups. Not yet, at least.

I want those muscular arms that I love back!

As some of you may be aware, 2021 presented health challenges for me, particularly with serious heart issues. This past August marked the one-year milestone since I underwent a procedure to address significant blockages with three stents. My resolution for the coming year is to prioritize my health by maintaining a wholesome diet and dedicating at least one hour to daily exercise, with the goal of further lowering my cholesterol count. Grateful for the progress made and committed to a healthier future!

I’m in. I completely fell off the wagon after Peter’s workshop at Durham in October. So new goal is to lose 25 by the end of April.

I am in! My biggest goals are to lose 25 lbs by being more aware of everything going into my body (alcohol, food, etc). Drink half my body weight in water each day. Exercise at least 4x per week. I think all of this will help lead to better sleep, higher energy levels and an overall faster recovery and detox from the topical chemo treatment in February.

There are many different ways and strategies to "hit your goals".

I found some of the advice from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, particularly helpful.

Some nuggets from this podcast:

• Join groups where your desired behaviours is the normal behaviour
• You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the levels of your systems
• I think the best avenue that you have is to cast votes with your actions. In a sense, every action you take is like a vote for the type of person you wish to become.
• The cardinal rule of behavior change in Atomic Habits is behaviors that get immediately rewarded, get repeated, behaviors that get immediately punished, get avoided, and it’s really about the speed and the intensity of that feedback.

#183 - James Clear: Building & Changing Habits - Peter Attia

I'm IN! I went to Europe and went nuts with their pastries.... I started doing food prep and it's helping. Today I had a salad. #Imapotato+nachosgirl!

Izabela, we of Danish heritage, love our pastries, right? My grandparents both lived to be nearly 100 years old, fueled in part by clean living and butter consumption. Maybe it's a "balanced diet": half/good half bad? :^)

I’m in as well. Setting a goal to submit my audition tape for Survivor. I’ve been toying with doing this for 20 years so I’m down for 2024. Someone’s got to rep the 60+ group. Great motivation to start the year! Thanks

I'm in Peter Hurley
I'm registered for two big races this year. The first is the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse on March 30th. It's a 40 mile mountainous ski race done with a partner. You ski together through the night from Crested Butte to Aspen.
The second is a running race, the Kettle Moraine 100k near Milwaukee WI on June 8th. Should be a fun first half of the year.

So I am obsessed with swimming...

My goal since last Aug is to hit 1:30 pace for the triathlon's 1650Y swim. I have been breaking it up at first in 100Y bouts, and not long ago was able to complete 17 bouts of 100Y at 1:30 or less pace! To compliment the training, I also work on strength aka just doing the 100Y as fast as possible, activating the strength adaptation.

Funny part is I have been feeling sluggish in the water, but numbers dont lie. I just managed to beat my previous best by 7 seconds! So my 100Y PB is 1:15 which is a huge boost of momentum as I continue to try and maintain a 1:30 pace for 1650Y total.

*The garmin shows 1:17 bc I have to push the button but video footage shows 1:15 :)

Moral of the story, make your goals then TRACK THEM!

How's this going for everyone? I'm up and down. Letting my knee rest and just did a 66 hour fast, but it didn't accomplish much at least I didn't notice. Going to try again.

I was so pleased at getting through Christmas and New Year's without gaining back any weight, so, what did I do? Went on a two-week eating spree! Finally weighted myself today, and I'm still within my 10-lb goal range... by a half-pound! Time to reel it in and get back to my OMAD routine!

I'm two months in with regular strength training after taking a few months off due to shoulder surgery and about to start a carb-cycling program. Did a 36 hr fast recently and felt awesome, so i'll be doing that more often as well to restart the system. Let's get it!!!

I just hit my goal of 140lbs/63.5kg today!

I was about 160lbs/72.5kg two years ago - I gained more than my 19 lbs during the pandemic...

in 2022 I started doing more home workouts, walks, and jump roping (I hate running). Mid-2023, I started going to a health educator every two months. I started doing regular body composition testing, metabolic testing, sleep management, and calorie counting. That really helped speed my weight loss, body fat loss, and muscle game dramatically. I've dropped 6 percent in body fat to 26 percent in the last several months.

My goal is to reach 135lbs/61kg by mid-February and change my regimen to muscle gain and increased body fat loss.

Here are the things I'm currently doing:
- Intermittent fasting - 12pm to 8pm is my eating period, i break this fast once every 2 weeks
- Weight training - full body workout 3 days a week
- Sleep 6-7 hours a night (most difficult thing for me to do)
- Calorie counting - I'm at 1800 calories a day for weight/body fat loss. I'm using the app MyNetDiary to count calories
- Cardio - Rowing/jump roping 3 days a week
- Walking daily - 8k-10k steps a day

I've learned a lot during my fitness journey over the last 2 years. It wasn't easy to get to where I am and I'm glad I tapped into the resources to help me.

One science thing that helped me was behavior mapping. Here's a short video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0Dpi4KbW4g

I,m in! being 1,88m/6'2" and 69kg/152 lbs I'm far from being overweight, so I don't have a particular weight goal. I have the same height and weight my father has for ages, I think it runs in the family.
it's still possible in this condition to have a belly to be disgusted with, I found out myself. I'm doing some home exercises to muscle up the body some more. I am sure I already have some abs somewhere but right now they're covered by blob.

I started playing basketball again, as I have done thirty years ago. In my country basketball is as common as soccer is in yours, but I don't like playing soccer. At first I thought it would be a nice goal to be able to dunk a basketball in this year. I talked to some guys of other teams that are even over 6'8" , they say that being able to dunk is not worth the risk of an injury, so now I'm not sure. I am working on my general fitness to keep up with the other people in our recreational team and I'm working on dribbling and ball handling.

I'll keep doing the exersises, I took a photo in the beginning of the year, I am willing to post photos of my torso when I'm happy the way it looks by that time!

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