2022 Headshot Crew Weightloss or Get in Overall Kick Ass shape Fitness Challenge!

I'm editing this post below with my updates. Edit your original entry post with your updates so it stays in one thread. If you want to jump on this train post below to get started!

The time has come PEOPLE!!! Each year here on the crew we do a Fitness Challenge. We start tomorrow, so who's in?

Make your goals for 2022 and get in on this bad boy with me. Post your acceptance below to create some crew accountability and we'll be off to the races. Everyone is different so I don't care what kind of goal you set for yourself as long as it's going to get you toward better health in 2022 then it's all good. 


If you have a PELOTON then follow #headshotcrew and we'll try to get some rides going. I suck so no need to be talented at it!

I'm going to keep my updates here in the post.

1/1/22 Had a big night last night and got on the scale at 214.7 lbs this morning. This year I'll be intermittent fasting along with Keto. I use the Zero Fasting App to track it and I'm starting out with an attempt at a 56 hour fast to kick it off. I allow myself coffee(usually with some mct oil) or tea and a ton of water and that's about it. I'm starting my working out by going for a slow short run followed by a little Peloton action at a fairly slow pace and some abs and stretching. I haven't worked out since the world championship in November so will break into it slowly. 

1/2/22 I'm still fasting! 33 hours in and have to boy had water and coffee with a bit of mct oil. That's been it! I'm 209 now. Lost 5 since yesterday. Going to go for another day and see how I feel in the morning. I don't recommend this guys! So you do you I just know I can do it.  I've done 86 hours before so I'm going to shoot for 60 hours. Just to kick the ketosis in faster. It usually takes 4 days but with the fasting it'll get it going by the time I'm done with this. I ran, pelotoned and did abs and stretching. Same plan today. 

1/7/22 I got through the 90 hr fast by the skin of my teeth. That was tough! Took a few days off from workouts and just did light abs and stretching. Plan is to jump on the peloton and get a ride in before heading to the studio. I'm down to 204 and feeing good. Did a 24hr fast yesterday. Trying to keep meals to one a day. See if I can kick in some extra fat burning with the workouts and stay in the downward trajectory. 

2/1/22 I wonder how everyone is doing! I've been chugging along but have been on the road and not being at home isn't good for my mojo. I need to kick it into high gear as I'm getting in the boat in February and am currently ten or so pounds heavier then I'd like to be. I think recommitting to getting the goal accomplished could be the ticket. I've got my twins 19th bday today so I won't be watching the diet but I do feel like I'm move sideways instead of forward and I need to give myself a little kick in the ass. Maybe a little self ass kicking is a good thing. 


The abs need some work!! Official weigh-in at 211.6 and stop looking at my balls!

I’ve always struggled to combine both good eating and good fitness routine.

Lately I’ve been proudly making it to the gym 5-6x weekly, but eating is still slacking.

I’d like to eat more good foods, but challenge is I can’t cook to save my life, except breakfast. I make a mean breakfast.

I’d love to find a concrete goal to work towards, but something like “eat better” is not traceable. Nor is it realistic to say I’ll cook breakfast every morning.

Therefore, I’ll parlay my ny goal with my making bank goal. I expect to make 150k this year, no foolin, so the second month in a row that I hit 10K or more, I’ll be reaching out to my gym to schedule 2 personal training sessions/month and 1 dietary consultation/month including a grocery store trip with a nutritionist so I can finally add some healthy at home meals and accountability to my quest!

Happy new year everyone! Don’t forget to take care of the body that drives this photog machine!!!!

For the fans Garret Buckley Cameron Southwood maybe jan will be Leto month to kickstart the efforts. Who’s in?

Splits 2022 LFG!!!!! We are nuts agreeing to it but I love it, Peter Hurley, Tony Taafe ! I haven't seen 145 since college, that's the goal. I fell off the wagon a month ago so I'm back to 162. Let's do this HSC!

Im in! Lost a total of 15 lbs over the past 1.5 years. My goal for 2022 is to continue to eat right, allowing for goodies, and maintaining my 4-5 weekly workouts in the early morning! Never thought of myself to work out in the cold at 7am outside but have been kicking butt so far with this keeping my goal to continue on! 2022 I will be 44 and being stronger than ever!

I'm in!! My goals are:

--> Lose 20 lbs (maybe more)
--> Continue the walking program I began this year - walk a brisk 3 - 5 miles (hilly terrain!) 3 -4 times a week
--> Add in a weights program (free weights - used to do 'em a lot, so I have a program). I want those triceps and the guns again!
--> After a month to build my base, go back to my favorite online Boot Camp

All this will result in lowered cholesterol, and much better aerobic health and muscle strength.

My birthday is in May, so that gives me a good concrete time to reach my goals.

I'm in it to win it!! Let's go!!

I'm on board! I took a little break for the holidays but starting tomorrow it's back to getting it done. Intermittent fasting, exercise, no carbs, no sugar, no excuses.

On it! I gain 20 pounds last year. Didn’t even run or other sports. My treadmill broke and just bought a new one for Christmas.

I’m IN…my goal is to continue walking 3-4 times a week (outside or on my treadmill). I want to up my water in-take so I can feel better. I’m committed to looking and feeling better than ever before October 2022 ( I turn 60 on October 1, 2022). Let’s Go! I love the accountability in this group! I’m Ready!

60? What!!!! No way. You look great.

Down to 225 from 250 a few months ago with intermittent fasting, just got a year pass to the rock climbing gym too, have been going nearly every day. Don't have any specific weight loss goal, just not to die of heart disease any time soon.

I am a historically terrible eater, but have been working on a few easy and tasty throw together weeknight meals. For anyone looking for a quick and healthy'ish meal...

Air fried chicken thighs:

Step one: Brine your chicken. You're basically giving it a salty/sugary bath for a few hours (or overnight), there's some science going on, but all that matters is you're not going to be eating dry chicken

Step two: Dry your chicken with paper towels, season with salt, then coat with some sort of fat. Easiest way is just to spray pam on it. There are two sides to chicken thighs, the smooth side, and the rough/wonky looking side. Put the smooth side down, it has a tendency to dry out, the wonky side gets a nice crisp without killing it

Step three: Preheat your air fryer to maximum temp... put your chicken in, wonky side up, with a nice spray of fat (melted butter if you are a man/woman of culture)

Step four: Air fry for about 12 minutes, it should look a touch burnt, flip it over and give it another 5

Optional step 5: pull the chicken out and cover it in bbq sauce (I'm partial to a Carolina gold style), pop it back in for an extra few minutes till it gets all caramelized

Eat with rice and a microwaved bag of vegetables

Note* this is doable with chicken breasts, but chicken thighs are very forgiving to being overcooked, I prefer them a touch burnt, where as with a breast you're going to want to use a thermometer and yank them out when it hits anywhere in the 160's

I‘m in! I definitely need to do something! Running around in my sweatpants all the time ;)… need to get back in shape and lose at least 5 kg, which must be around 11 pounds!

I'm in.

- lose 25 pounds and get down 190 lbs
- build back some muscle
- see those abs (pretty sure there are some under there)
- no splits

Let's do this!

In the last few months I went from wearing a size 36 pair of jeans to fitting back in to my size 33 jeans with some room to spare. I seek to gain muscle and add some bulk! See you on the swole side!

I’m in #LFG

Starting weight 249lbs
Target 220lbs and reduce Type A1C

Get a grip of intermittent fasting and exercise.

Let’s do this. ?????????

Ok I’m now post 6 babies y’all! Busy mom trying to build my photography business. I’ve gotten my butt back in shape but each time it gets more difficult. This will be the last time (baby factory is closed) I will have to go through the pain of getting my dancers body back but this time I’ll have my HC family to help cheer me on!
It’s going to take all I’ve got! I have big numbers to drop on this scale (120lbs goal) and to do that it’s going to be sleep, diet, water, and a ton of exercise! I’m traveling to France in March so i definitely have some short term goals for that first milestone but plan to continue throughout the year and forever more stay more physically active = emotionally happy! thank you zoster for giving us a place to grow together. Let’s get it crew!

I'm not gonna lie, if I do this I really need an accountability buddy.

I've got skinny arms and legs and a big ol' gut. I've been floating between 210 - 220 for years and would be much happier down around 190. I'll do an official weigh in on the 1st.

I wish everyone good luck and a great New Year!

OK let's call this day 1! Late start but that's OK. Did my first fast; 16 hrs. Not as scary as I thought it would be - black coffee and stayed busy. Got in a 2 mile walk as well.

2021 Was my fittest year yet and I'm looking to amp it up in 2022. Ran my first half marathon ( solo!) back in June and the lady and I signed up for the Rock and Roll Half coming up almost exactly one year after the first time I took a swing at that distance.

I ran a decent 2:46:and some amount of seconds. I'd like to get that down to exactly two hours which would be *huge..honestly would be happy to break 2.5hrs.

Currently I'm running 3 times a week and I've been going easy on myself keeping it at 5k and just working on speed. Going to start doing 10 k Saturdays again and I'll start my official training 5 months out from the race.

I'll get into the studio and do a physique shot soon!

The Rock and Roll 5k is a very good goal for me this year. A friend of mine used to run the half every year. She made it sound fun.

Yeah it's pretty wild how motivating it is to run with a crowd. You can do it!

I am in! I don’t need to lose weight. My goal is to work more on my abs and better consistency in working out as I have been off and on for the last 6 months. Currently I work out by ice skating, stretching and off ice activity .

Okay, my brain is addled along with my body. I originally posted this in the wrong place. Anyway, here we go!

Breaking my arm in early August 2021 and subsequent surgery to fix it started a real downhill slide for me. Prior to August, I was doing Camp Gladiator a couple times a week and back in 2020 I was doing 2 to 3 miles of fitness walking 4 times a week.
So my goals for 2022 are:
1. Do my arm PT exercises at home at least 3 times a week. Been going to PT twice a week for a couple of months, but have been not been doing the exercises at home.
2. Fitness walking of 2-3 miles 3 times a week.
3. Loosing weight is not an issue, but could actually gain some. And definitely need to cut out the sweets and bad fats. So eat at least 5 veggie/fruits a day. Limit wine to 1 glass a week. Limit cookies to one a day though my favorite cookie is fairly nutritious, a Whole Foods raisin oatmeal cookie.

I didn’t know about your arm. Glad you are on the mend.

I always love the camaraderie of these! I'll be thinking of the crew on my way to the pool in the morning: 4:45am is so cold and dark in the winter. I've got 2022 goals in the horse show ring with "Lil Hurley", so need to be fitter/leaner.

Im in - need to lose 20 'covid' pounds by laying off the bread and beer carbs, get some tone back in my upper body by getting back in the gym and work on my leg strength after two knee surgeries to get back on a bike after decades . I turn 60 in three weeks so time to get my crap together .

You got this! I’m turning 65 in March and in better shape than I’ve been in for a long time. Take it a day at a time.

OK lost 12 lbs and my knee is feeling the benefit already and Im a lot more fleet of foot . managed to break the habit of beer and bread during the week. next is getting on that bike and getting back in the gym . May revise my target down by a few more pounds .

Im in. Would love to drop 15-20 lbs. Plan on starting to run more besides the weekly soccer games. Just isn't enough for the amount of beer I like to consume! Plus I have some tournament games in late February and march I need to get in shape for.

I'm in. I'm so out of shape these days from working too much and not moving enough.

I'm in - I need a total redo for 2022. The last half of 2021 was nothing but stress, and the stress eating hit. Oddly, I didn't gain a lot of weight, but the flab set in! So... need to start my workouts again and walking. I refuse to buy new spring clothes, I'll walk around naked first! HA!

So goal - fit back into my size 4 pants and dresses - I'm in an 8 now.

Love the accountability here! I’ve never joined a group with a common goal like this.

Looking forward to getting moving again all while figuring out how to eat more healthy. I am someone who 1000% HATES to cook! This is going to be tough!

**** I am skipping the scale and only focusing on how my clothes fit and how I feel in my skin! ****

That number on the scale will NOT motivate me at this point in my life. How my jeans fit and what I look like in a swim suit will! That number on the scale used to motivate me, but at 53, my damn body is rebelling in some frustrating ways.

Good luck, everyone, with your goals!! We’ve got this!

I want to drop 12 pounds, drink more water, sleep more, drink less coffee, and cut refined sugar and refined flour.

I do the splits fine, don't even need to warm up. I'm flexible all over, I'm lucky like that. But I need to keep exercising, and strengthen my abs, and maintain muscle mass all over.

And I need to keep my posture at all times, and sleep on my back instead of smearing my face on the pillow the whole night long. Otherwise I'll look like grandma's face on a younger body (I think I already look like that).

Ah yes! I forgot about sleep! I need add that to my goal. I want to get on a better sleep schedule!

I like your goals! I don’t think good luck is quite the best thing to say! “You’ve got this!!!”

I’m 100% in!

2020 - 48yrs old. I accidentally snapped a photo of myself on location and I was so shocked at how bad I looked. Started January ‘21 at 222lbs. Goal set to run 1mile without stopping or ?. Got down to an average pace around a 12 minute mile. By the end of 2020 I was running 3 miles. 195lbs to end the year. Joined the crew this year btw.

2021 - 49yrold. Feeling better about myself. Caught myself on camera again a few times. Wasn’t so horrified. And I started to notice my clothes actually fit better. Goal was 5 miles without stopping. Turned a corner in May ‘21 at the Intensive. Got to 7-8 miles. Also ran in my first 8k charity race in Nov. Proud to say my wife beat me to the finish. But this year I ran a few miles at a 7:30 min pace, almost ?. Still not bad for an old man. Also felt pretty good because my fastest in high school was 6:29. Also raised over $2,000 for the 8k charity race in Boston. Feeling much better about myself. In November, got back to NYC and I ran 6 miles in Central Park. Didn’t even know that was a goal until I did it.

Finished today at 5 miles 45 minutes. Also ran to my parents home. 182lbs. I also now run 5-6 days a week as well.

2022 Goals:
• Honestly I just want to keep this going. I’d love to be able to afford a Peloton. My left ankle is f’d up. It’s tendinitis or early arthritis. I know eventually I have to do something with less impact on my knees and ankles.
• Work more on upper body and core strengthening.
• 10 miles. But again, I’m good at 7 miles. I don’t have to reach 10. And I don’t think I’ll ever go for a half marathon.
• Run again in Central Park (when I get back for Intensified Day 3).
• Run in Washington DC around the reflection pool and Lincoln Memorial. Totally geeking out thinking about that scene in “Winter Soldier”.
• And make it to associate.

One last thing, seeing Peter’s honesty and courage to post with photos like this is what inspires me to post something of my own. I don’t post often. I’ve tried very hard to be less concerned about social media, “likes” and followers over the last two years. I’m slowly putting myself out there more and more.

? How about morning walks on Clubhouse? I know other photographers have walking clubs. Maybe 1 hour run club on Clubhouse? Really inspire others. One of the reasons I am succeeding is because of my running and overall general better health. I sleep better too. I mention this but I’m also one of the quiet people on Clubhouse who just listen. Maybe I could inspire others with running and photog talk. Idk ?‍♂️ it’s just a thought. Dream big! 10X!!!!

Not a bad idea about clubhouse. Maybe we can implement something

Let’s do it!!! I lost 30lbs over the year (gained a few back over thanksgiving and Christmas) but let’s do this!
Motivate each other and keep consistent!

I’m in btw

Here’s my start for Jan 1
About 22lbs lighter than this time a year ago!
My goal is 172LB and 13-15%BF

Here's the workout plan I'm going to stick to.
Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Size (8 Week program)

That looks like a great plan. Good luck

Thanks! I did it once but i wasn't too diligent or focused, after this last year, i'm good to go!!

I'm in ! My goal is one handed handstand this year!

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