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Kim Dalton

Cincinnati, OH
KDalton Photography
About Kim

My story starts in New Jersey, where I was born.....youngest of 4 kids who started life with the Hong Kong flu (that really is a thing!) My family lived in New York, which I think is so cool, but I only got to experience that kind of life for 2 weeks before my dad transferred out to the Midwest. I'm the only one in our family who wasn't born in Ohio, and my mother tells me how that used to bother me something terrible when I was young. I wanted to be the same as everyone else....only I wasn't. I was terribly shy and unsure of myself. The one thing I was sure of is that I loved taking photographs. Maybe it was the hiding behind the camera instead of being in front of it that I was drawn to. Being a part of the action and fun, without anyone really noticing me.

I developed film for my high school yearbook. The smell of the chemicals did nothing for me, but it was mesmerizing to watch the images come to life right in front of my eyes. It was magical! The whole process from taking a photo to giving it life in the darkroom.....the quiet and isolated dark room. Yes. I was at home here! Fast forward some years to the process of giving real 3 incredible gifts. I spent all my time at home from then on, raising them and amping up the amount of film I was purchasing. I loved photographing their every move! My way of freezing their sweetness in my soul forever. I can honestly say that these kids really gave birth to me!

People started to notice my photographic abilities around this time. It was at a sick visit to our Pediatric office, that I started my professional photography journey. I'm positive that God Himself whispered in my ear that day as I would never have called the office to ask them about hanging my photos in the lobby. Not only did they say absolutely, but they decorated the entire space of the brand new build, with my "incognito" style images. That was the beginning of not only my photography career, but of my busting out of my "shy" shell.

Today, I have no problems talking to anyone, anywhere, anytime (much to my families dismay sometimes lol), I have traveled on airplanes, rented cars, and shared hotel rooms with complete strangers on photography workshops....up until this time I had never lived on my own or traveled anywhere by myself. I know it's kind of crazy, but it's true.

I don't know what the rest of my story holds, but I do know that I'm ready for it and will live it out loud and on purpose! Check me out at