2022 Headshot Crew Weightloss or Get in Overall Kick Ass shape Fitness Challenge!

I'm editing this post below with my updates. Edit your original entry post with your updates so it stays in one thread. If you want to jump on this train post below to get started!

The time has come PEOPLE!!! Each year here on the crew we do a Fitness Challenge. We start tomorrow, so who's in?

Make your goals for 2022 and get in on this bad boy with me. Post your acceptance below to create some crew accountability and we'll be off to the races. Everyone is different so I don't care what kind of goal you set for yourself as long as it's going to get you toward better health in 2022 then it's all good. 


If you have a PELOTON then follow #headshotcrew and we'll try to get some rides going. I suck so no need to be talented at it!

I'm going to keep my updates here in the post.

1/1/22 Had a big night last night and got on the scale at 214.7 lbs this morning. This year I'll be intermittent fasting along with Keto. I use the Zero Fasting App to track it and I'm starting out with an attempt at a 56 hour fast to kick it off. I allow myself coffee(usually with some mct oil) or tea and a ton of water and that's about it. I'm starting my working out by going for a slow short run followed by a little Peloton action at a fairly slow pace and some abs and stretching. I haven't worked out since the world championship in November so will break into it slowly. 

1/2/22 I'm still fasting! 33 hours in and have to boy had water and coffee with a bit of mct oil. That's been it! I'm 209 now. Lost 5 since yesterday. Going to go for another day and see how I feel in the morning. I don't recommend this guys! So you do you I just know I can do it.  I've done 86 hours before so I'm going to shoot for 60 hours. Just to kick the ketosis in faster. It usually takes 4 days but with the fasting it'll get it going by the time I'm done with this. I ran, pelotoned and did abs and stretching. Same plan today. 

1/7/22 I got through the 90 hr fast by the skin of my teeth. That was tough! Took a few days off from workouts and just did light abs and stretching. Plan is to jump on the peloton and get a ride in before heading to the studio. I'm down to 204 and feeing good. Did a 24hr fast yesterday. Trying to keep meals to one a day. See if I can kick in some extra fat burning with the workouts and stay in the downward trajectory. 

2/1/22 I wonder how everyone is doing! I've been chugging along but have been on the road and not being at home isn't good for my mojo. I need to kick it into high gear as I'm getting in the boat in February and am currently ten or so pounds heavier then I'd like to be. I think recommitting to getting the goal accomplished could be the ticket. I've got my twins 19th bday today so I won't be watching the diet but I do feel like I'm move sideways instead of forward and I need to give myself a little kick in the ass. Maybe a little self ass kicking is a good thing. 


Here's the workout plan I'm going to stick to.
Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Size (8 Week program)

That looks like a great plan. Good luck

Thanks! I did it once but i wasn't too diligent or focused, after this last year, i'm good to go!!

I'm in ! My goal is one handed handstand this year!

I did that the other day - mind you it was more of a 'falling over while drunk' move than a handstand .

Yep I'm in. After a few injuries looking to get back into crossfit and as I turn 55 in a week it means I move into an 'easier' masters category with lighter weights etc. Bring it on!!
Goal - compete in the Open this year and get down to 10% bodyfat (currently around 16%) through more consistent training and nutrition.

Right on! I would like to be able to do a "muscle up"

Just listened to the podcast with James Clear, really help thinking about goals/habits in a manageable way.

#183 - James Clear: Building & Changing Habits - Peter Attia (peterattiamd.com)

Some key points:

- Join groups where you desired behaviours is the normal behaviour
- You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the levels of your systems
- The best avenue that you have is to cast votes with your actions. In a sense, every action you take is like a vote for the type of person you wish to become.
- The cardinal rule of behavior change in Atomic Habits is behaviors that get immediately rewarded, get repeated, behaviors that get immediately punished, get avoided, and it’s really about the speed and the intensity of that feedback.

Down from 246.5 since May ...... I got a headstart and I ain't killing myself doing it... slow and steady, no special diet, common sense, habit modification, lifestyle change... haven't seen a 1 in the first column for .... ahhhh a long time!! ;) Should have been down a couple of more but I decided on a cheat day yesterday .... plus I no longer have the desire to deadlift 500lbs at this advanced age!! 199 is the goal for my frame!

I was at 230 in 2019, went down to 200 by the beginning of 2020, and I'm up at 229.4.

One of my health goals is to get to 200 again. I felt great there.

Gym every weekday morning. More water. Less sugary drinks and desserts.

I am In!! My goal is to get to 195 lbs. Weigh-in at 216.4.

I'm in!

I have lost 70-lbs last year and I want to lose another 50.
Hip surgery is scheduled for January 12, 2022
75 Hard program will start March 1, 2022. https://andyfrisella.com/pages/75hard-info
My diet of choice will be nutrient dense eating, plant base and starting with an alkaline diet.
My exercises will include rowing machine, TRX, yoga, walking, weight training, flow rope, hiking with my dog, some form of martial arts, sauna blanket and dancing! I've lived in Napa for almost a year and haven't been able to discover it because of my hip. I can't wait to see what this to little town is all about.
I also need to regulate my sleep for optimal health.

good luck with the hip - I had one done ten years ago and it changed my life .

I can't wait! I'm so excited for it to happen. It will give me my life back again.

Keep us posted on the hip surgery! Wishing for a great outcome!

Let’s go! It’s my goal to get near my fighting weight at 36

- lose 30 pounds and hit 190ish
- build some muscle
- increase flexibility

I’ll follow along for fun and camaraderie. I’ve been on a keto diet for more than 5 years now and this year I hit the goal weight I set back when I started. All in all, I’ve lost and kept off 45 lbs. I’ve also been practicing yoga in some way, shape or form every day for coming up on 7 months. I’m letting myself pull back from a weight loss centered goal to a more health centered goal. I’ll probably do some experimenting with letting go of foods that cause inflammation but other than that, what I’m doing in general seems to work for me. If anything I need to improve my sleep which may mean saying goodbye to my nightly glass or two of wine ?

I'm in! Been struggling to keep my weight down. Two months ago was 215 lb. Started Robert Young's pH Miracle diet and got myself down to 195. Back up to 199 this week after too many holiday goodies. Yesterday while out with my camera in a nearby woodlot and pond I crouched down for a few minutes when a lovely couple of ducks (Mr. & Mrs. Mallard) asked me to take their headshots. When I was done my knees were so seized up I couldn't get back on my feet. Good thing I had my tripod nearby. I had to use it for support (another good reason to have a sturdy tripod). Goals are to get my weight down to 185 and improve flexibility and joint health with resistance band training and targeted stretching. Already do a fair amount of walking but will do my rebounder 3-5 times per week for cardio/aerobic exercise. We can do this!

January 1, 2022, 10am: 56-years old, post-holiday 184 lbs., holding steady at 6' 1" and I can still make out shapes and colors.
Four integrated goals involve mindset, movement, diet and sleep.
Exercise: trail run 20-30 miles a week (4-5 days/week, incorporating two days of interval/speed or hill work) and off days with body weight workouts (core and leg strength) with 1-2 weekend 5K road races or track time trials per month as a progress litmus. Running is mostly a wellness thing for me and I occasionally mix swimming or spin cycling in to alleviate joint stress/enhance movement.
Diet: avoid white powder foods as much as possible (e.g., sugar, flour, salt). Ingest more greens/vegetable proteins, plus superfoods like chia, quinoa, brown/wild rice, cacao nibs, berries, apples, oranges, turmeric, ginger, etc.--some of which I blend into smoothies), probiotic foods , more H20, less beer and coffee, one glass of red wine per day. I'm getting my weight down to 170 lbs. to increase running/ musculo-skeletal efficiency.
Sleep: get up early (5am--for exercise/meditation/planning), in bed by 10 pm--especially on weekdays, unless there's a lit 24/7.
Also: Less sitting, more standing desk. Less TV, more reading, more music. Less current event tracking, more eventful action (and humor)! More gratitude!
That said, Happy New Year, Everybody! Let's stay healthy and connected!

I’m in!
> Sub 2 hour 13 mile running shape by March 1
> 18-6 intermittent fasting
> Avoid injuries

I'm already started. I was 203 in November and weighed in last night at 179. goal was 180 by end of year with ideas of getting to 170 in 2022. But since I made my 180 goal so quickly I'm shooting for 165 in 2022. Which is about as low as I was in high school.

below is the workout I did today within 10 minutes of being awake this morning. I didn't feel like doing one this morning, so I specifically picked the hardest 30 min hiit I've found in the past 2 weeks to do. Using my lack of desire as fuel to do it harder! 50 seconds on, 10 off and no mid point rest. lady is crazy.


Halfway thru a 72hr fast. #Getshitdone #lfg

Still in it man, I feel great. Topo chico - green tea - sauna and retouching my own photos are helping with thinking about food.

Good, Joe! But I always think about food when I am retouching!

I'm in!

Last year's goal was to get under the 200 lb mark. I ducked under it for a while... but the holidays managed to pull me back a bit.

I'm getting back on track, dropping the few pounds I gained, and the new goal is 185... and sustaining it!

Let's go!

First progress report: just got to the 200 lbs mark… making progress over here!

I mean, it’s not a 90 hour fast, but every effort and every pound counts!

Progress report... For those that saw me at the Hideaway, you already know. For those that don't, I'm currently at 189lbs, with 4 lbs left to go. That's a 56 lbs loss from my heaviest point. (185lbs is the goal).

I hit that mark by cutting out snacky shit, 192 oz of water per day, gym 3 times per week, and Peloton for 45 mins to 1hr whenever I'm not in the gym. I intermittent fast (one meal per day). Though I don't really limit what dinner could be, I do try to keep it reasonable.

Basically, the busier I am, the less time I have to think about food or hunger. So, I have a real need to move, be active, and stay busy!

This post may be a bit old, and we might need to start a new thread... but I'm not letting up!
My progress report is that I hit and then passed right by my goal weight. The goal was 185lbs.
Now the goal is to maintain and tighten things up a bit. #LFG!!

I am in! I lost 18lbs during the past two years but put on some weight back in December. Today, I started eating clean again and returned to my exercise routine. I will be a size 4/6 again by the end of June 2022.

I'm in! Been struggling with my weight for the last couple of years. I started exercising this past November; it's been great getting back in the gym! I do need to work on my eating habits though. I have a major sweet tooth and love beer so I have to work on that!

2022 Goals:
- Lose 70 lbs and get under 200 (38lbs by May as I'll be turning 38!)
- Continue to exercise at least 4x times a week
- Increase mobility/flexibility (no splits though)
- Eat right, increase water intake, and better sleep
- Reduce sweets and alcohol intake

Let's do this!!

I’m in! Signed up for a sprint triathlon in June. Have a studio campaign going called “New Year, New You”. Taking before pictures then quarterly progress pictures. So far a great response and the ladies are so motivated! I’ve been on weight watchers for a year and have lost 47 pounds so far…many to go!

Ahhhh, Intermittent fasting, Optavia, WW, Noom.. I have tried it all! maybe with this group I can do this? I am sad and mad and sad again!
My goal is to lose 40-50 pounds, build my muscle back and get more energy! As a former athlete, I have that kind of body! My abs are under there somewhere, just insulated!! 212 was my weight today (5'9") ! I turn 60 this year and I cannot turn 60 as a fat sad woman!

Down 10 pounds in 8 days! Here we go!!

I'm in! The goal is to run four races (I have signed up), from May to October. However slow is necessary. The goal is to run the whole distances, and not walk. From 5k to 10k. And to lose 5kg until May.

I am in! I am not going for a weight loss, I am 6,1 ft 154,32 lbs (1,86m, 70 kg), which is pretty decent I guess, no real problems with that. However I haven't been indoor climbing in two years due to covid, but not too long from now a new indoor boulder facility will open in my town, I couldn't be happier! I'm gonna hit that once a week and do so more home workouts.

I am a long distance hiker sidelined by Covid. I moved to Colorado in 2021 and plan to get back in shape and on the trail in 2022. Every extra lb feels like 5 lbs on the trail knees so my goal is to fly down the trail at 150 lbs.

Good luck! I'm in southern CA and am planning to conquer the flat irons when I'm out there picking my college kid tip for the summer.

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