Mr. Van Hees hits the big 5-0!!!!

Many of you know that I’m not big on bdays on the crew bc we’d be wishing people a Happy Bday on a daily basis! However, today is a day that I believe needs to be celebrated because James has stepped up to the plate and made it his mission to help change lives through the medium of headshot photography. I have to say that he keeps me in line and keeps the crew on track for success. So here’s a big shout out to a wonderful human who has your best interest in his heart on the day he turns 50! Thank you James for your commitment to excellence on the work done here and keeping me in line in order to give others the best experience we can. Have an incredible day and thanks for all you do for this crew.

I’m in Austin orchestrating a great evening for him making sure it’s a total and got him a little gift from the crew. #SHABANG!


Happy Birthday, James! Thanks for all you do for the crew!

Happy Birthday James Van Hees we appreciate you!!

Happy birthday, James!

Happy Birthday James!!!!

Happy birthday James! It's hard to believe in such number, you look so much younger :)

Happy Hawaii Day, James :)

Happy Birthday James!

Happy Birthday James, crush some cake!

Woohoo!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy James!!!

Hope it was a wonderful birthday:)

Happy Birthday James!!

Yeah! Happy Birthday, James!

Happy Birthday James!

Happy Birthday, James :-)

Happy birthday, James!!! Awesome jacket by the way!!

Thank you Everyone! Truly humbled and proud to be part of this community.

Happy Birthday James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday, James! Thank you for all the help.

Happy belated birthday, James! 50 looks good on you! See you in Sept :)

Happy Birthday James! You are awesome!!

Happy Birthday to James! Thanks for all you do!

Happy Belated Birthday James

Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the dark side

Congrats, James, on breaking your record for most consecutive days lived. May you have many more lucky humans in front of your camera and countless outdoor excursions! Your mere presence has enriched our lives and I thank you!

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