Tiffany's Graduation Headshot - Sony a9III, Sony 70-200 GM OSSII @ 135mm

Contest Media


Someone actually gave this a 1/10??Receiving a 1 out of 10 as the first rating for my photo submission was certainly unexpected. I choose to interpret this as a compliment. To the individual who felt compelled to rate it so low, your actions speak volumes about your character.

Hi Dave, I’m so sorry someone gave you such a low lookability score, I doubt it was a HSC member as this contest is open to the public. Certainly your image is not a 1, she has a beautiful expression, your color and editing are amazing, I know you didn’t ask for feedback lol I just want you to know HSC is a family of photographers who foster growth and excellence in our craft and I hope you’ll find that out for yourself 😊

Thanks Kelly! I was thinking it had to be someone outside the crew for sure.

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