My daughter Sydney. She starts college Sept 1, first kid to go to college, so I had to delete my original entry. She mentioned she uses this highlighter makeup and said she puts it on the tip of her nose, and around the edge of the eyes. Didn't argue, just glad I got her in front of my camera one last time.

Evoto - I kept the retouching minimal. Turned way down, Admittedly I didn't like the background replacement it did, so I went with the natural background.
Ps - Necklace removed + liquify her right shoulder.

Contest Media


Been using Evoto since March. The freckle tool was set to 1, anything higher and she looses her freckles.

This is an authentic expression and makes this a portfolio headshot at least for me. Only I would crop tighter.

Thank you Mofeed. I was thinking about the crop too after I compared it to my HSC portfolio. The crop is off. I’m sure I’ll get hammered for it. She’s too far away, but as I started to crop I felt like the top really starts to look like an undergarment. Maybe I’m too old at 50 to go it. Dad’s am I right? Lol

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