Neetan Sapra

Alliston, ON, CA
Sapra Studio Inc.
About Neetan

"My mission is to take images that present you the way you want to be seen." ~ Neetan Sapra

Branding the headshot is an element to becoming successful ~ first impression is your picture; people will do a review of your online profile prior to meeting or contacting you.
The smartest persons understand the final part of your online identity and branding is the image. Send the right signal stating, "I am a professional, who cares about nurturing a long term relationships based on trust and the ability to get the job done!"

My goal is to give you the best headshot experience ever!

Contact me at 416.875.8044 or email me
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My photograph’s been published in prominent publications such as Time, Skidoodle, Escarpment, Ourhomes & Medical Journal.

Thank you for looking!

Neetan Sapra