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Killer image, dude, love it.

I am wondering if you should fix the eyebrow and resubmit it so it has a better chance of winning because the image is very strong. great lighting.

Usually I leave scars in.
If other people want to share their thoughts on the scar (or anything else) let me know in the comments :)

I love the fact that you left the you didnt fix the eyebrow - I love how much more personality it gives to him and it lets you know that its authentic and who you are going to meet on the street if you meet him face to face. If he is cool with it leave it!!

Well it’s the commercially viable thing. Sometimes we get hammered for stuff like that by Peter and mentors. Other times they think it is cool. For giving it to the client for sure I would leave it as is unless they asked for it to photoshopped back in. I guess leave it the way it is and see what they say. :)

I don't mind the scars, it is there in real life. I would be more concern of the lips open inthe center or the spot of light on hat. Love the image. Great job!

One of the best headshots i have seen.

Great job Sahardid

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