Who's in the Crew? - Spotlight on Ross McIntire

Ross McIntire

I grew up near San Francisco in Menlo Park, CA and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

As a kid, I spent many years skateboarding and filming skate videos. I always owned a camera of some kind but didn’t get serious about photography until 2018.

I bought Perfecting the Headshot in September of 2018 and joined the Headshot Crew on 11/23/2018. I’ve never had a photography studio and have always shot at home/on location. Having my own studio is absolutely a goal and will be a major milestone. I shoot the triangle set up and men’s lighting setup with LED panels. Since my studio is at home, I try to minimize the amount of gear I own.

Aside from headshots, I like to photograph athletes and musicians. With my music background and having been a yoga teacher for years, I bring expertise to the table when shooting this type of photography. I actually used to run workshops on how to do handstands!

I’ve spent my life working as a drummer playing jazz, funk, and almost everything else. I studied music in New Orleans and have toured the US and Europe extensively in various bands. I moved to Oakland and started a funk band which you can see me playing with here:


Hi Ross. Great to learn more about you. Love the funk music video. Thanks for sharing.

Love your work Ross, Thank you for sharing.

DUDE! Your band sounds amazing! So funky. And of course your photography work is awesome too!

Oh My God!!! bro!!!
wooohooooo! congrats ! rock it

One of my favorite Crew peeps right here. Ross is the boss!

Very very cool. My dream is to learn drums. You really know how to jam. Congrats and happy to have you here in the LA market as a fellow Associate Keep it up.

Ooh wow, an above-average white band! And congrats on being a Mentor!

Congratulations on becoming a mentor!

Hi Ross, So so nice chatting with you and taking portraits of you a few days ago. You are absolutely talented!!!

Awesome, Ross! That's my middle name too :D

Straight up funk! Sounds somewhere between the Meters and Maceo to me. Man, I'd love to go to New Orleans some day.

Banging shots to boot.

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