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Josh Line

Las Vegas, NV
Josh Line Photography
About Josh

Las Vegas headshot and portrait photography

Photography crept up on me and changed the way I viewed everything. When I became a parent I just wanted to document my kids growing up. Then I wanted better quality pictures so I learned more. Photography has pushed my inquisitive nature and afforded me some unique opportunities.

I did a few years in the military and traveled around the world. Places that I knew I would never be able to return to in my life, so I documented them. Meeting people from around the world has always fascinated me. I thoroughly enjoy hearing life stories and experiences from people.

So what does this have to do with why you should work with me? I get to put all these life experiences together and make it work. My time in the military gave me an attention to detail that matters with portrait photography. My thirst for getting to know people helps me put people at ease in front of the camera. These two components, I believe, set people apart in the photography realm. People want to look good and feel good in front of the camera, I bring that energy to every session I do and I hope it shows in my work.