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Michael Phelps

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share!

I've been shooting and studying photography since high school. It was mostly for fun and was always in the background to my career as an advertising creative director.

But 2.5 years ago, my life changed when I took the Intensive Workshop in NY with Peter. I was curious to get some posing tips for portraiture.

I feel in love with what I learned and left the workshop incredibly inspired and driven to start a "side" business doing headshots. In that time, I went from shooting friends and neighbors to getting some brave souls to hire me. That led to gigs with small companies and eventually large law firms and financial institutions. A year and a half ago, I opened my own photo studio and my wife and I use that space as an art gallery and host events and shows for local artists and the community. That "side" business is what I mostly do now!

All that training and education from Peter and the HSC gave me the tools and confidence I needed when an opportunity came up to photograph Michael Phelps for the app, Talkspace. (If you're in NYC, look out. One my images are on about 500 billboards). I only had a few minutes here and there with Michael, but I had a workflow and plenty of Hurleyisms in the toolkit to get what I needed.

Peter, thank you for everything you're doing! Not just the photography education, but by following your passion fearlessly, and creating a life by design, and not by default. I hope you know how incredibly inspiring and life-changing that is for so many of us. That's the real education!



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That's a fantastic story and a brilliant achievement. Well done.

It's amazing the time that Peter, the mentors and associates dedicate to the platform and it's a credit to each and everyone that the HSC continues to go from strength to strength.

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Crew Mom

Powerful story, Lee! I feel the same way about the Crew and Peter. I love how your studio is a place for the community! Well done!

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Very awesome to see it all paying off! Congrats!

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Lee, I couldn't possibly be more happy or excited for you. Thanks so much for sharing and keep doing whatever it is you're doing because it's obviously working.

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Wow! That is amazing! And great shots too! His eyes really stand out! Congrats!!!

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Such a great story and opportunity too, Lee!
Well done!

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Lee that's awesome! Such a huge fan of his!

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The Man

SHABANG! NIce job man!

I couldn’t write more before because I was crankin today, but I’m so psyched to hear and SEE what you’ve done. Amazing. Love that you captured him so well too. Really appreciate you attending that intensive. I’m doing my best to give you guys everything I’ve got and seeing it produce these kind of results makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for letting all of us know.

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These are absolutely fantastic! I love the close-up shot so much. Super exciting stuff!

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This is truly inspiring. These shots are bang on! I love hearing these kind of success stories.

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Great work, Lee. I‘m wondering what light you are using. In his eyes I can see you and two round spots. Oktas or umbrellas?

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Hi Udo, I used a large umbrella behind me to fill the whole scene, slightly, and a small octabox as the main light.

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Very good job, and great story Lee.
I think this is a common point to all people who took the intensive, it's life changing !
Hard work then is the key to reach the goals . You did it !

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Lee! This is fantastic! I can only imagine how over-the-moon you and your wife must be. And I think Michael must be pretty happy too :) These are wonderful images (to go on 500 billboards!), and he must really love these personally, too. Thanks so much for sharing your back story. I'm certainly not where you are, but what you wrote certainly resonates with me. So when are you going for Associate :)

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Doesn't get a whole lot better than that in headshot land! Well done, and a testament to your hard work and Peter's skill and experience as a teacher.

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Well done! Great images and story behind how this has all come together for you.

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This should make you immediate associate lol

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Just seeing this now. Way to go Lee!

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Lee, your testimony is hyper encouraging...! I think it'll help me achieve next level were I can implement fine Buff A/C adapter that you sold me....!!!!

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Hey Gary, hope you're enjoying it. I've been really enjoying the Profoto B2 kit I got. AND, just got the Flex Kit last week, so we'll see how that goes! Hope you're well.

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Saw that pic on a bus stop in NYC a few weeks ago!

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Yeah, it's all over the place!

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This is great!!!

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Great work Lee! The time you've put in really shows in how well you were able to capture him.

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Fantastic! Congrats!!

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Great job Lee!