Karen Brown

Exeter, ON, CA
Karen Brown Photography
About Karen

Life has to have passion. I can’t imagine waking up every morning and not being able to interact with my passions. There are a few – my children, business, photography, dogs and peanut butter to name a handful. Oh, and I do enjoy a glass of old Italian white wine at the end of the day.

When my children went off to post-secondary education I picked up a camera, became acquainted with digital photography and fell in love. There are so many things to aim a camera at and, like many photographers, I shoot a variety of things like music, events, family pets and commercial projects.

My real photographic passion is headshots and this requires specific study to get it right and continued study to stay current. Since 2012 I’ve been studying with Peter Hurley, the world’s foremost headshot photographer, and interacting on a daily basis with the headshot community he created. There is no better feeling than creating an image of a client that shows the world the real person. No, I don’t mean just what their face looks like – that’s too easy. A real deal headshot shows the person’s heart and soul. Their eyes speak to you, even if it’s to make you wonder what on earth is going on in their mind. A trained headshot photographer can make people want to meet you, want to do business with you, want to have you on their team and feel like they’ve made a connection just by looking at your headshot. That’s what I love about shooting headshots. It makes a difference.