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Who's in the Crew? - Spotlight on Peter Istvan

NAME: Peter Istvan -

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Worked in the USA (Fairfax, VA) for a few years, but now live in Parry Sound, Ontario which is located about 2 hours north of Toronto in "cottage country" on beautiful Georgian Bay.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SHOOTING HEADSHOTS? Well, informally, a really long time. When I look back at photos I have taken or liked to take, it typically was a close up of a person's head. Not technically a "headshot" however I was always trying to capture the essence of a person.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU LIKE TO SHOOT? I really enjoy taking photos of people in action and more specifically sporting events like cycling or skiing. Here are some fat-bike photos from an event this past February.

WHAT’S YOUR LIGHTING SETUP FOR HEADSHOTS? I use a triangle set up with strobes. Flashpoint eVOLV with Westcott 3x1 diffusers.

WHEN DID YOU FIRST DISCOVER PH AND THE HSC? I first heard Peter Hurley speak as a keynote speaker at the photography conference Shutterfest, in 2017.While I was completely mesmerized by the images, what really resonated with me was the transformative effect that an image could have on a person's self-confidence. If you would make a person feel more confident, more empowered, more special, more positive through an powerful is that?!

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO JOIN THE CREW AFTER YOU FOUND IT? Peter returned to Shutterfest in 2018 and I joined HSC in April of 2018. I am so very grateful for the supportive and learning environment within the HSC. I have three other "main jobs" however I have been able to engage with HSC at a pace that is doable. What an incredible journey to be a part of everyone helping each other to enhance their photography skills and become a better human being. Awesome! Special thanks to the mentors, Associates, and HSC members who have been so patient and giving of their time in helping me. You know who you are!

WHAT IS ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? That I am a beekeeper. Did you know that in the winter, honeybees (at least in Canada) don't fly south to hibernate? They stay in their hives and form a ball around the queen bee. They vibrate to generate heat (like we do when we are cold) and keep the queen bee warm at 30c.

WHAT'S ONE THING YOU WISH PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU? I just turned 13 (February 29) so looking forward to being a badass teenager.


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Hey Peter, nice to hear about you! I'm a little south, in Oro-Medonte. Hope your bees are having a great spring :)

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I'm so happy to see you be featured! How cool! So glad we got to meet at Mania.

Someday, I think it would be awesome for Dan and I to raise bees! Although it's a lot of work. I have one of those "bee houses" for Mason bees. So exciting to see them mud up the holes!

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Thanks Jen Worley. Yes, beekeeping with honeybees is pretty cool. Bzzz

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Really fascinating, Peter. Thanks, Kim for the introduction.

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Amazing facts about the bees. Happy Belated Birthday. Enjoy your teen years.

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Love your story!

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And I always thought you were born in Budapest (or somewhere close by). :-)

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Grandparents came from Czechoslovakia. Pretty sure that photo of me above, was when I want to visit my grandparents hometown village.