About Michael

I'm a long time portrait PHOTOGRAPHER specializing in glamour and boudoir for "Women of a Certain Age". I'm turning now to learn headshots from the best.

I'm an ACTOR: Stage, Big Screen, Radio, and Television, 4th Generation Entertainer, and...I haven't waited tables in a very long time.

I have a highly eclectic background including broadcasting, podcasting, large audience MC and public speaking, music booking, car sales and management, and I'm a Vietnam Combat Veteran.

Personal philosophy: Photogenic is a term coined a long time ago by a photographer who needed an excuse for his work. It has absolutely nothing to do with the person in front of the camera.

Where is it written that women have to be flawless to be beautiful?

Where is it written that women stop being beautiful when they mature?

Where is it written that women stop being beautiful when they begin to gather life experience?

And where is it written that Intelligent, Confident, Successful women can’t be beautiful also?

I am honored that some of the most Intelligent, Confident and Successful women on the planet have allowed me to capture their beauty in the photographic medium.

I celebrate the beauty of all Women of a Certain Age.

Thank you, Ladies!

Responses from the Ladies

Mike’s photo portrait makes me look like a 1940s movie star! Pretty glam for an old broad. He makes this “Woman of a Certain Age” look good. –


Being an actor I work with a lot of amazing people, Mike Miller being one of them. I felt secure, safe and loved when we worked together, and that is important in any photography. To be able to capture the moment at any given moment in amazing! You rock Mike!!!!!!


I met Michael L. Miller on the set of a Klown Kamp Massacre and worked with him on several other projects. In late 2007, would have been the first time I worked with Michael for pictures. Although a bit heavier then, the photographs were amazing. After a considerable weight loss and a boost in confidence in late 2009, I once again had the pleasure of working with Michael. Producing another set of amazing photographs. In 2009, Michael spoke with me about this project and without hesitation I said yes. I have had the pleasure of working again in April 2011 and once again producing not only amazing but beautiful photographs and I am honored to be part of this project. I look forward to future projects with Michael.


I can’t thank you enough for this amazing experience I felt safe and very comfortable. (I’m very modest) You showed nothing but professionalism while helping me to relax…the best experience! Your pleasure in showing the best in a woman at any age is so apparent and you are so sincere. As we woman age we have “issues” and you are fabulous with just appreciating the pureness of who we really are. I walked away with a little more “pep in my step” so to speak. Turning 50 doesn’t have to be a tragedy it should be a celebration!!! I actually gained more self confidence from this…which is not what I was expecting…such a pleasant surprise!!! You are an amazing photographer…please keep doing what you are doing!! Thank you for this amazing experience.



Working with Mike was a great experience. He’s professional and very understanding; he’s respectful of one’s limits, even while he feels out where those limits really are. Mike’s theme for this project is the idea that mature women are beautiful – but it is a different sort of beauty he is looking to capture, one that is the consequence of life experiences and living with one’s decisions, both good and bad. Because what he’s looking for is beneath the surface, or reflected, at best, on the surface in the evidence we all carry of having lived, he’s interested in the whole person – including, but hardly exclusive to, sexuality – Mike addresses his model as a whole person, and not merely a shape or object.

All the best


I just wanted to say Thank you for the great afternoon in the studio. As you know I am appalled to having my picture taken and you made it such fun. The few pics that I have seen are spectacular and I hardly believe they are the same women I see in the mirror every morning. Really looking forward to seeing the rest. You made it a fun and comfortable experience and I am still giggling when I think about it. Really you got me to wear a hat??????

Thanks for making me feel so special and for bringing “sexy” back. WE all need to be reminded once in a while.

Love, Karen
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