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The Peter Hurley Top Ten

I've noticed that since I've been training with Peter, that my life has changed in a few ways. Thought I would share some of those things in a Top Ten.

Top Ten signs you’ve watched too many Peter Hurley videos

1. You start calling people “PEOPLE”.
2. Your posing for a quick shot with your girlfriend and you tell her to make sure she squinches.
3. You spend time raising your lower eyelids in the mirror.
4. You randomly blurt out Hurleyisms on the subway.
5. You get caught Holmes-ing someone at a party.
6. Impatience leads to the comment “What kind of operation are you running”.
7. You see someone shooting down on someone and “Stop doing that” reverberates through your head.
8. Someone asks you for directions and you intentionally misdirect them.
9. You know what the terms sternocleidomastoid, Hooking, BPS, MFSS, POB and Look-ability mean.
10. You can’t wait to hear the word “SHABANG” in reference to your shots.

What do you do now that you never did BP (Before Peter)?


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Very funny, I'm guilty of at least 5 of these today!

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Michael, you hit the nail on the head! Im guilty of way more than 5 of these! Peter has had a profound influence on our lives....even beyond the Hurleyisms!

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I'm riding that train too!

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You comment on eye difference on everybodies photos you critique

You say "Hold that, hold that"

You now use three to four flashes on your subject

You watch spreecasts when really you should be asleep (European in joke)

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Guilty. But I do it in spanish... hehehe

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The Man

Awesome Michael! LOVE IT!

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haha, so funny and so true :)

Peter changed my life definitely! I was a hobby photographer and I never thought of shooting portraits. I shot landscapes and my family. When I saw Peter and his way of taking pictures, I said to my wife: "I wanna make portraits and headshots as a second business". And now, in my second business, I am a photographer :) Peter's DVD's are like a bible for me :)

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Very witty PEOPLE!

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Hahaha 7 out ot 10 It's time to get Australians introduced to the Hurleyism!!!!!

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Aussie Aussie Aussieisms!!!

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Just brilliant!

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Last year I had dinner with Peter. I had this pasta with stuff on it, and when the waiter comes over to ask if I want Parmesan cheese on it I say:

"Just go ballistic with it man!"

Peter starts laughing and asks: "How much of your vocabulary is stuff you hear from me?"

I realized then it's probably 40% xD

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Guilty of 8 : )

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You tell random people who ask you to take a quick cell phone picture of them on the street to tilt their heads toward Canada with a completely straight face - it always works :-)

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Love all 10!

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I don't echo any those things in my head except one, and you didn't mention that one here: "we have a situation".

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Oh, this is SO FUNNY!

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I use the word "situation" ALOT! We've got a .......situation here. My friends think I'm a bit nuts sometimes.

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Point your navel at the beach!