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Stacy Bogan

Mansfield, TX
Stacy Bogan Photography
About Stacy

Hi I'm Stacy Bogan, I'm a card carrying Cherokee Indian. A hazel eyed, blond hair, Cherokee Indian. I am a explorer, wife, and mother of two. I have two perfect grand children. Seriously they are perfect. And, I'm a dog lover. I have always believed in living life. I can't tell a joke to save my life, but I do it anyway. I will dance at the drop of a hat. My interest lies in things I have never done before.

I was born in Independence, Kansas, lived in Oklahoma, and Seattle, before settling in Texas. Although I wasn't born in Texas, I am a Texan! I feel very much at home here. My husband is from Massachusetts, where we love to spend as much time as possible. Especially during the hot Texas summers.

My love for photography ties in closely with my sense of adventure. I love to travel and have been to the Von Trapp family lodge in Vermont, hiked the Grand Canyon, flown over the Royal Gorge in a helicopter, and snowmobiled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I have also flown in a hot air balloon. Taking advantage of life as it happens. I rarely turn down an adventure.

I am also a full time professional photographer. My inspiration for photography came from my love of teaching. How did that happen? It's really not that far of a leap. I enjoy seeing how people think, learn and respond. My photography was most inspired by my 12 years of teaching. Watching the excitement in my students eyes when they learned something new, when they felt success, and seeing how their confidence grew, was a magnificent place for me. I wanted to seek it out and capture it. That is when I found that special connection from the lens to the internal spirit in the eyes.

I study under Peter Hurley world renown NY Headshot photographer. My head shots are based around the concept of leveling the playing field, by representing business professionals with quality and authentic images to provide them the best opportunity for success. And, providing aspiring talent personality driven headshots that will put them on par with anyone in the industry.

I am a Associate Photographer for Peter Hurley
I am the recipient of the Mansfield Best of 2014 Wedding Photographer