Pretty psyched about being written up in the times today guys!  http://nyti.ms/zfH3kT


It's the Times, people! Congrats, Peter!

Awesome! Next stop, the NY Times Crossword Puzzle......
1 Across. World's most famous headshot photographer Peter _____(six letters)

Congrats peter, Im sure you rocked it.

Congrats on a great article! Your personality and talent shined right through.

Thanks guys! Came out of the blue, so I'm charged about it. Ton of my big clients contacted me yesterday, that was nice.

Mr. Hurley! Congrats big guy!!

They called me first and asked if I would speak to them, but I said no way - the guru Mr. Hurley is the one you have to talk to, and the rest is history. Awesome job PH.

Thanks guys! That call was a bit of a shocker.

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