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The Man

Big Thanks to this Crew!!!

With Thanksgiving behind us, I have been ruminating this morning about how thankful I am for this crew and how much just having you guys show up here means to me. We are all here to crank each other up collectively and I certainly couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

To have a community of like-minded individuals that empower and feed off of each other's energy is so unique these days. It's imperative that as we succeed we encourage each other along the way, so we continue to level-up as a whole. It makes me so proud to see you guys supporting each other's efforts. I still pinch myself thinking that this was just an idea Joe and I entertained 10 years ago. To have it come to fruition in this way is something entirely special and I am extremely proud of where it's gone and all the success stories behind it.

That being said, yesterday I invited my father and brothers to come to HeadshotMania2 to celebrate my 50th along with us. What I realized very quickly was that besides my wife and kids these are the people that I've always wanted to be the proudest of whatever I do in life. I guess the parental thing is huge. For my dad to say he'll go is something that was a significant shock to my system. My mom is no longer with us and my dad really isn't aware of the scope of my business at all and has never seen me in my element. So, to have him agree to go really floored me.

With my dad, kids, brothers, and Yelly coming too, I know I won't be able to handle my emotions a bit at this sucker. I'm not sure anyone timed how long it took for me to choke up at HSM1, but I can't foresee me having a snowballs chance in you know what at beating that this time around.

I do carry my emotions on my sleeve and I think my way of summing it up is this: I feel like I caught a massive wave and have been riding along allowing it to sweep me away to wherever it happens to be taking me. I feel like you guys jumped on this thing with me and we are being swept away together. I'm going to ride this puppy for all it's worth and I really just wanted to say thanks for jumping on and taking the ride with me.

I know each one of us is at a different point on this so-called wave, so whether you feel you are caught in the undertow or you are flying down the front side of this bad boy with reckless abandon, then you are in the right place. I know because it's been proven over and over again that those flying high atop the wave will grab those that got caught in the backwash and get their heads above water. That's just how we roll around here.

Thanks again for being part of this and not only investing in your own success, but in the success of your fellow Crewsters around you.




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I give it less than 60 seconds of public speaking. Amazing that your dad will be there! I will tell him what you have helped me do.

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I'm not crying!! You're crying!!

Peter, that's awesome that your dad and brothers will be there! To have your dad especially see you in your element will be amazing. It's so funny to hear you say that he doesn't really realize what you do and how much you've accomplished and how high you've risen. I guess that's pretty common. Hard to impress fathers (and brothers!) I think.

Peter, thank you for everything!! The Crew, c'est You!!

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Thanks for sharing your wave with us. I really resonate with this as my dad is no longer with us and still after 23 years all I want to do is make him proud. I second Jon in that I will tell your dad what a profound and positive impact you've had on my life. Let's hang ten for as long as we can!

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So glad your family will all be there to celebrate with you! Absolutely nothing wrong with an honest show of emotion! My appreciation of this gathering of the Crew is boundless, and as a surfertown kid, I appreciate the analogy! My thanks to you all!

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Grateful 🙏🏼

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Beautifully said, Peter.

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Awesome news to have your family there to celebrate with you.

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this is Vegas. what’s the over/under?

45 seconds

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Thanks for sharing the wave. Awesome moment to share your work and the ways your work has come to fruition with your family.

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Glad to be part of the Crew! Thanks Peter for your vision and leadership.

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Crew Mom

Sweet! You have built an incredible community. One of my clients, who is now a good friend of mine was just commenting to me how impressed she is with our crew. She sees the support that we give each other in all of our comments on FB and LinkedIn. She's pretty blown away that an industry exists where people applaud each other and hold each other up in hard times. I told her that with Photographers, that's usually not the case. It's a very competitive industry, but Peter has cultivated a family :) Your story is inspiring and thank you for inviting us to ride the wave with you!

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I can't wait to tell your Dad what you mean to me and what you mean to this community! I'm beyond stoked to see you and to celebrate your milestone.

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A huge thank you to you for putting this whole thing together. Had you not been inspired to build a community of like minded individuals that want to learn, and push to be the best that they can be none of us would be here. We would all be off on our own journeys and possibly never knowing one another. You and this crew have completely changed my approach to how I run this business and the mission that I have to give the best portrait experience to every single person that comes in front of my camera. Or the people that I mentor to help pass on all that I have learned from this amazing group of people. You're a fantastic human, Peter and I am proud to call you a friend.

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The Man

Thanks for the responses guys!! Love every one of them.

It’s just firing me up to get on the success crewcast and start working on 2020 goals with everyone. I got my first camera in June of 2000, so it’s a major milestone for me.

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We are going to need lots of tissue!

Thank you, Peter, for bringing this Tribe of like-minded people from all over the world together that helps everyone be successful! I will also tell your dad how wonderful you are.

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What you've birthed, led, caused to grow to this degree is unmatched...all best, and continued success to you and all of the crew

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I'm late to the Crew, but can really relate to your sentiments. So happy your family will be there for you! No VIP passes were left when I came onto the scene, but I'll lift a glass from a nearby bar! :-) -- or whatever... never been to Vegas before -- but am fixing that at Mania!

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Thankful for you, Peter, and the wave you guys have created. Pretty special to get a chance to hop a ride. I'm thrilled for you and the story about your father coming to HSM2...thanks for sharing that piece of the story. I'm very early in the Crew, but so glad to be here, and can't wait to see where the wave takes us all...

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Riding the waves for sure. Thanks for creating this container for us all learn and grow and get humble together. :) I'm really happy for you and what that must mean to you on an indescribable level to have your father present during that milestone for you. Keep being awesome Peter. When you rise, you help others rise too, what a gift!

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I'm so thankful to have found the Crew and to be inspired virtually every time I tap into the site here, the HSC FB and IG pages etc and see what everyone is not just producing but, more importantly, how folks conduct themselves. I've never encountered such a welcoming, instructive group of photographers (and people) elsewhere and that flows from the top.
Looking forward to meeting more HSC members at HM2, and helping The Man celebrate the big 5-0! I'm also happy for you that your family will be there; it's evident how important your family is to you and that too is inspiring.
Rock on!

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Seems the force is with you in your life. #SHABANG! I wish you and all crew-members a awesome HSM 2!!

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Thank you Peter for pushing us to get in the water and sharing this wave with all of us! It's awesome to be part of this community that you've grown full of of such amazing and humble individuals all willing to help and push each other to meet our goals. It has definitely been helping me in pushing forward to get out of the cubicle and into doing what i find truly interesting and love to do. Ramping up to make 2020 even better and meeting everyone at HSM2!

It's awesome that your family will be there, celebrating your birthday and seeing what you've built and how many lives you've impacted!

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Thanks for creating this amazing place and allowing us all the opportunity to 'ride the wave' with you, Peter. It's been an amazing and unexpected (in a good way) journey for me and all I can say is thank you. That is so cool that your dad and brother will be at HSM2!! I hope I get the chance to personally let them know what an impact you've made on me.

Oh - and I'll give you 12 seconds on stage before the tears. But heck - who am I to talk; I cried when you mentored me at HSM1.

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That’s awesome Peter! Thanks for sharing & thanks for all you do. 🙏🏼 Looking forward to Vagas & hanging with the crew!

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With your family with you I'll suggest you'll be in tears before you've even started talking, they'll be a thunderous applause you'll look over see your family then your HSC family and boom tears.

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Kawabanga Peter! It's great to be riding this wave. Very cool that your dad and rest of your family's gonna be there. They're gonna be floored by HSM2 and what you've created.

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You can often spot the pioneers as they are often the ones with the arrows stuck in their back - in your case, you have thousands of photographers behind you, and now you have your dad - glad to see you cherish this, and here's to continued success!

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Wow Peter! So happy your family, but especially your dad is going to be with you at Headshot Mania 2. Family is so important. It is the rock that is underneath all of us whether we acknowledge it or not. And so thankful for you and everyone in the Crew. It is truly a very special place!!

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Thank you for starting this!!

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real men cry Peter. ;) I think what you have built here is simply amazing. I am so excited to be a part of this community, this Crew. It has totally and radically changed the way I do my photography and even helped me learn new crazy shit! I have a more defined purpose now and a support system to continue to grow! My husband even tells people that I found this guy named Peter Hurley that totally helped me out. Lol. It's amazing. So thank you. I wish I was able to be a part of the celebration in Vegas this year but alas it doesnt look like its going to be in the books. So I'll drink one here for you!