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Thankful for New Business via Headshot Crew

Just booked a shoot for a local bank which involves 12 staff headshots and one local VIP. Couldn't have done it without the help and support of the headshot crew! Thanks to Peter and everyone else.


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Awesome to hear Tod Eltzroth! Would love to see the results when it's done!

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That's awesome! Go get 'em Tod, I'm sure you'll rock it!

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The Man

Now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!! #SHABANG!

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Sounds great! Will you be doing those on the client site or your studio? And one other thing, if you could just share with us how you made the initial contact with the bank and what it took to close the deal, I think that would be good information for all of us! Thanks.

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These are on site in downtown Cincinnati next week. How I got this job - I went to a Reds baseball game in the Huntington box a couple months ago, we had talked on the crewcast about putting yourself out there and talking up your head shot game. I did just that passed out cards, and the following week I photographed Scott at my studio(his image is included in this comment) Scott recommended me to Sally in the downtown office and Sally needed new business headshots as well as staff images. This will be a whole day gig. My day rate is $1600.00 not counting the charge for each individual image. so this just made my July a whole lot sweeter. Now if I could just win headshot of the week.

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So in a case like this, what would the typical per image charge be?

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Fantastic - good luck on your shoot!

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Good job!