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Maurice Jager

Arnhem, NL
Maurice Jager Fotografie
About Maurice

I'm currently working as the go-to headshot photographer in the Netherlands and Chief Marketing Officer here at the HeadshotCrew. This obviously didn't happen overnight, so here's my story.

My childhood and youth evolves around sports. Pushing hard to be the best on the pitch was my daily routine. That ended abruptly when I got into an accident and I needed to find a new direction to go. I ended up doing a bachelor in Commercial Economics. My main goal was learning why people choose for a certain company or brand and what moves them. After a couple bar-tending jobs, I plucked up enough courage to take a leap of faith and started at my first 'real' job. It was hard work due to my lack of experience, but I had lots of fun and I learned a lot about how to creatively market a business successfully online. While time passed, the job jumped the shark as the creative aspect of the job diminished and the commercial goals became overly important for my taste. I felt I needed yet again to make a change in my life.

After some soul-searching I figured being around people helping them with creative solutions is what really gets me going. My camera makes it possible for me to meet a lot of people and I can put all my creativity and social energy in taking portraits. While searching for a source of inspiration I stumbled upon Peter Hurley's work. After some e-mails back and forth with Peter I really found the niche I was looking for. Peter helped me build my portfolio and business. In september 2014 my portfolio meet Peter's 'Standard of Excellence' and I joined Peter Hurley’s hand-picked elite team of headshot photographers as an Associate photographer. A huge compliment for me and my work and an added reassurance for my clients. Since January 2015 all the headshot photographers are united within the HeadshotCrew, where I started to help other photographers to get better as one of 21 Mentors.

My goal is to melt my past in marketing with my future in photography and have my commercial experience combined with my social skills help people feel good about themselves and their pictures. Both on location and in my studio, everything is set to work one on one in a relaxed environment to get the best results possible. Professionals who care about their image and presentation know how to find me and I get a lot of energy from their positive responses and making a difference in someones life.

Making you look good in a picture is the best job I ever had! I'm living the dream and I hope you will help me to keep on dreaming!

Contact me through , or by phone +31 (0)26-2022992 or +1 646-571-0100.