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The Headshot Crew Podcast is ONLINE!!

Hey everyone!

So this has been in the making since the beginning of 2018 and it's finally here: The Official Headshot Crew Podcast!

Podcasts are a big part of my daily routine. I find myself listening to less and less music during my day and just listening to Podcasts. If you're like me, you're gonna love this one! If you're not, listen to it anyway because it's awesome!

My first guest was the one and only Tommy Collier and I would like to thank him for being available for it.

The podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Here are the links:



Hope you guys subscribe to it. The episodes will come out weekly on Mondays, so you start your week listening to amazing Crew talk!


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I just listened. Really great job, and I appreciate you having this out there. Tommy's insight really helped me at this stage in my photo career.

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Listening now. Hell of a host and first guest!

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Some fantastic information on the Crewpod and like the rest of the HSC it's more about wanting to make you better and how to do it. Great job Pedro and Tommy.

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Enjoyed the podcast very much, great job Pedro and Tommy!

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Woot, was hoping there was somewhere not iTunes to listen. Will check this out tonight but I already assume it's amazing.

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Well done guys. Thanks. Looking forward to more. Can Tommy elaborate on the Lava Flow thing? Did I hear that right?

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I really enjoyed the first crewpod postcast! Pedro, your voice was easy to listen to and you were an awesome host! Tommy, I love you even more today than I did before the podcast, if that's possible. You both did a really nice job. Thanks for putting forth so much of your time to help us/others succeed.

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I've never met Tommy, but from the little I know and have experienced during my time with the Crew, what a fantastic human being!..................not a bad photographer either! Nice job guys and thanks for sharing.

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Quick update for everyone: I'm in the process of migrating the podcast hosting. Soon it will be available on Spotify as well!

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Great listen!!

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This is HAWT!

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Great job on this. Not always able to catch the live crewcast and actually watch it. Much easier to be at the gym and plug in a podcast. Nice

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Love it!

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I listen to it while i'm driving all day, good stuff! Thank you!

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Great Job, Pedro. Thanks

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Brilliant first episode! It so wasn't what I was expecting, but WOW! and spookily spot on... the LOA has been absolutely key in everything I've done in my photography career so far, and to find other like minded people shows that the HSC is so THE place to be right now! Thank you for the positivity and for being inspiring 💕

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Went to SoundCloud and there were no tracks. Download the app and searched for Headshot Crew, found it, but again no tracks to listen too. Am I doing something wrong?

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The podcast is no longer on soundhound, but you should be covered here for whatever format you might need.

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I really like the Podcasts. Will they be continued on a regular base?

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That is pretty exciting, thank you.

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I listen to it using my favorite podcast app "Overcast".