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Chris Noakes

Kingston, ON, CA
About Chris

If I would have you know anything about myself and my work... it's that photography is simply a tool I use.

I have spent the latter half of my life, looking for ways, through which I can help people feel better about themselves. My passion is in helping people to feel good about themselves... to feel beautiful, to feel motivated in progressing themselves.

And over the years I have found many ways to assist in this...

I have acted as a Workplace Relations Adviser, a Harassment Adviser, and a Conflict Resolution Adviser. I have been the shoulder, the sounding board, the person you can open up to and share your secrets with. I have been the father, the instructor, the supervisor... the one responsible, for helping the people I am responsible for, reach their potential. And that makes me feel really good inside.

Photography is the same. I took a lifelong love affair with captured memories of my loved ones... and I developed it into a tool through which I am able to show people how beautiful they really are. Through my camera I am able to show a person what I see when I look at them. And there is nothing more gratifying then the "is that really me" reaction I get at the end of a shoot.

My focus is on the person not the art. Great photos are a bonus, but my real love is knowing that a person is leaving my studio feeling fantastic about themself. That is my reward. I love it.