Peter Hurley's HeadshotMania @ Morongo Resort & Casino - Palm Springs CA

February 19th - 22nd 2018
Morongo Resort & Casino
Palm Springs, CA

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Looking to fine tune your portrait work with a particular emphasis on headshot photography? Then get ready for a headshot laser beam focused extravaganza sure to broaden your horizons into what we like to call: Headshotland. Three full days of honing your craft with like minded individuals in a creative and supportive environment of learning, photographing and networking with an overall hell of a SHABANG'IN good time to be had by all!

The conference takes place February 19th-22nd at Morongo Resort & Casino just outside of Palm Springs, California. We’ll kick this sucker off with a welcome reception on the evening of the 19th and then it's down to some serious headshot business. You’ll dive into 3 days of hands on workshops that will give you the opportunity to leave Headshotmania with the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to take your portrait business to the next level. With 15 Rounds of classes, 5 hours of designated shooting time, daily contests with thousands of dollars of sponsored prize giveaways and the option to partake in off site photo excursions you’ll be sure to never have a dull moment!


HeadshotMania instructors are long time members of the Headshot Crew that have attained mentor status due to their commitment to the crew and their ability to help their fellow crew members improve their work. They each work closely with Peter and have built their successful careers around his teachings. The majority of the curriculum is based on the foundation of Peter’s training, but each instructor brings something unique to the table from their own experiences.

Peter “The Man” Hurley
John David “The Diamond Cutter” Pittman
Damian “The Cleaner” Battinelli
Karaminder “The Jaw” Ghuman
Levy “The Romanian” Moroshan
Alaina “Tiny Trouble” Lutkitz
Michael “Skylite” Schacht
Maurice “Jagershots” Jager
Pedro “Chewie” Jorge
Ryan “Babyface” Parker
Ben “The Taker” Marcum
Tommy “T-Money” Collier


Monday, February 19th

4:00pm to 6:00pm


Swing by the conference center to check in, grab your badge & get acclimated with the space.

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Way-In Reception

We'll be kicking this sucker off in the Drum Room at Morongo where you'll be able to eyeball the crowd and get a sense of the energy of this explosive event that is about to take place.

Tuesday, February 20th

9:00am to 9:45am

Breakfast of Champions

Start your morning right by talkin shop with other HSM photographers as you as you get your adrenaline flowin by grabbin a coffee, fruit & pastry.

9:45am to 11:15am

Let's get ready to Rumble!
w/ Peter “The Man” Hurley

By choosing to enter the headshot arena you've planted yourself firmly in front of a dramatically expanding industry that desperately needs our help! People from all walks of life now recognize how necessary a solid personal branding image really is these days. The Headshot Crew is perfectly poised to capture this awakening giant as we've staked out our territory with skilled HSC professionals that cover the globe. Who better to fire up these much needed images than highly trained sharp shooters such as ourselves?

Peter will kick this sucker off with an opener that draws upon his personal experience of having a no holds barred attitude toward his own business and how he took it from no man's land to the top of the heap in a relatively short period of time. Derived from his commitment to his craft and drive for success, the principles that got him where he is will be laid out for you to set the stage for the next 3 days of Headshotmania. He'll key in on his core concepts, why headshot photography is a must add business model for any portrait photographer and how you'll be able to capitalize on this rise in volume to draw income from this much needed service.

11:30am to 1:00pm

White Hot Branding Strategies!
w/ Alaina “Tiny Trouble” Lutkitz and Karaminder “The Jaw” Ghuman

As a portrait/headshot photographer you are responsible for creating the imagery that your client’s will use to showcase their own personal brand. Your work will become the cornerstone of their own distinct digital identity that goes out into the world. It not only represents them, but it’s stamped with your own brand behind it as well. That being said, how impressive is your own brand? If these people are hiring you to handle theirs, don't you think yours better be solid as a rock? Who better to lead by example in this realm than YOU! In this class Alaina & Karaminder will get down to the nitty gritty of making sure you have the tools to set your brand on fire! It will become obvious to your valued clients that you are the authority they need to turn to with all their branding needs.

Knock Your Lights Out! Round 1
w/ Pedro “Chewie” Jorge

The foundation of a rock solid portfolio is simply based on the consistency of the work in it. Lighting is the bedrock on which you'll break ground with each subject you photograph in order to create your own recognizable look. In this class Pedro"Chewie" Jorge will put the hammer down on a variety of setups for you to explore in order to strengthen this infrastructure in your own work. You'll leave with a better eye for seeing light and an understanding of how to subtly tweak your setup to create that overall consistency that your imagery deserves. This class will cover a range of lighting configurations used successfully by HSC All-Stars who have all pinned down the look of their work using continuous, strobe and speedlites in a variety of setups.

2:00pm to 3:30pm

Dominating the Digital Arena
w/ Maurice “Jagershots” Jager

Is your online presence making you money or is it costing you? Going strong on social and starting to advertise makes absolutely zero sense if your online ducks are not in a row. In this class you'll gain insight into the best practices for strategizing your content including smokin your SEO to drive traffic your way and wrestling those digtal ducks to the ground to get em on track! Maurice will also share an invaluable workflow for your sales toolbox and discuss techniques crucial in assisting the conversion of potential clients. Be prepared to use your new digital marketing skills to create a pathway that will guide your future clients right to your door!

Knock Your Lights Out! Round 2
w/ Pedro “Chewie” Jorge

Now that we've drilled a number of headshot lighting setups into the ground it's time to fine tune the process. It’s the details that can make or break a session and having your standard lighting setup is one thing, fine tuning it is another. Pedro will be concentrating on stepping over to the dark side of shadow density, popping that jaw by dropping a subtle kicker on it, as well as making sure you avoid light convergence blues. He'll also be bringing in the bounce and setting up a Flaresville cross block situation by V-flatting. All key elements to consider as you are continually working at tweaking your signature light.

3:30pm to 6:00pm

The Rumble

With a slew of shooting bays at your disposal you'll put the pedal to the metal while putting into practice the techniques you've been ingesting into your system. You'll be challenged by Peter each day with a task to complete and the winners will be chosen each evening with a chance at winning some killer prizes from our sponsors. You'll be working next to Peter and our HSC Mentor/Associate All-Stars that will be there for you to bounce ideas off of and get valuable feedback on how you are runnin your operation and the results you are getting.

4:30pm to 6:00pm

Bring in the Cleaner!
w/ Damian “The Cleaner” Battinelli

By now you've captured some amazing images during the Rumble session or have some that you've brought along for the ride and now it's time to clean those suckers up! Who better to help you implement your post processing strategy than Damian “The Cleaner” Battinelli? Do your skin tones have you feeling green? Are you processing like you are a bull in china shop taking down everything you feast your eyes on? You may need to wreak havoc on your current execution and fine tune your main moves to make your images truly sing. Damian will be going through his process from start to finish as you follow along working on your own images. Streamline your workflow by observing the process of the man who is pumping out work for HSC’s best on daily basis. You'll be in a relaxed, open and judgment-free zone to address your retouching skills and apply some new moves that'll be sure to polish your best images and make them shine.


Morongo's Pit Bar

Meet us at Morongo's Pit Bar at 9pm to hydrate & recharge your batteries with some highly charged fluid intake and HSC camaraderie.

Wednesday, February 21st

9:00am to 9:45am

Breakfast of Champions

9:45am to 11:15am

Read em & Weep!
w/ Alaina “Tiny Trouble” Lutkitz and Peter “The Man” Hurley

If you know Peter’s story then you are probably aware of how crucial he believes goal setting has been to his success. Together, Alaina & Peter will give you a sense of how imperative it is to be generating lofty goals for yourself. Using their personal stories of fulfilling the goals they set forth for themselves you'll get an insight into what really is possible and how to avoid the all too cozy comfort zone that many of us are mired in as we speak. Are you drifting around aimlessly with your head in the clouds or getting caught up with things that take you off course?

It is time to nail down your goals and learn proven techniques on how to achieve them. Setting BHAG's and PTAG's will help you achieve anything you set your mind to if done right. In this class we will go over these concepts along with confidence building techniques to bust you out of your comfort zone and get you on the road to getting those goals achieved. You will be writing these suckers down and the goal is that not too far down the road from now you'll do as we've done and read em and weep.

11:30am to 1:00pm

Starting from Scratch!
w/ Ben “The Taker” Marcum

Ready to make the jump off the top rope and dive head first into the headshot/portrait ring? Ben will cover his take on breaking into the business allowing you to leave that ol' 9 to 5'er in the dust. He'll outline his main moves to get it all off the ground while absorbing those lumps that may crop up along the way. You'll be a leg up as you start your business and blast out of the gate at full speed on your way to becoming a true portrait champion.

Signature Lighting Moves
w/ John David “The Diamond Cutter” Pittman

There's no reason to shake in your shorts when it comes to portrait lighting. Go hands on with Profoto Legend John David "The Diamond Cutter" Pittman as you learn his signature moves that will quickly make you a title contender in the portrait arena.

2:00pm to 3:30pm

Soup to Nuts: Lockdown your workflow & call in the backup!
w/ Karaminder “The Jaw” Ghuman

Your portfolio is rockin and business is boomin but you still find yourself working harder rather than smarter. In this session, learn to maximize your time and develop a seamless workflow that works for you. Securing your valuable imagery is an imperative part of the process. Unfortunately, the truth is that most storage solutions will likely fail at some point. Before it does, you’ll want to make sure you call in the backup! You'll not only learn to rock your workflow but will also understand the best practices for backing up your work and keeping it safe and sound.

Messin with that Expression
w/ Ryan “Babyface” Parker

As you know in order to fire up an SHABANG'in headshot you need to nail that expression. The best lighting and background in the world won't save the shot if the expression is lackluster. Being confident and approachable in front of the lens doesn't come naturally for anyone, it's your job to coax the crap outta em! Learn how to work with your client to have them firing on all cylinders from the moment they step foot in front of your camera.

3:30pm to 6:00pm

The Rumble

Here we go! We are rumblin again PEOPLE!

4:30pm to 6:00pm

Bringing back the Cleaner!
w/ Damian “The Cleaner” Battinelli

It’s another round of workin your retouching chops with Damian “The Cleaner” Battinelli!


Bowling at Canyon Lanes

Meet us at Canyon Lanes at 8:30pm to knock em down & knock em back.

Thursday, February 22nd

9:00am to 9:45am

Breakfast of Champions

9:45am to 11:15pm

Show Me The Money!
w/ Tommy “T-Money” Collier

This is it, the class that covers the main moves of making cashola supreme as a headshot photographer. How do you value your own work and when was the last time you jacked up your rates? Tune in for the what, why, when, where, and how of headshot pricing.

11:30am to 1:00pm

Thinking Outside the Ring: Portraits!
w/ Michael “Skylite” Schacht

So you've got your headshots on lockdown, now what? As part of Headshot Crew there's no doubt that you've already acquired the skills you need to hammer down your lighting to make people look cool in your work. In this class you'll learn how to finesse those same skills using them toward editorial portraiture. Mike "Skylight" Schacht will demo his main skylight move for you to feast your eyes on. Don't let your portrait work just sit there on the sidelines. Fire it up in order to increase the average ticket value of your headshot session while creating some rockin images for your clients personal brand.

Quick and Dirty BTS: Round 1
w/ Levy “The Romanian” Moroshan

You've built your still photography business and are shooting up a storm. Now it's time to start capturing some motion. By implementing a little behind the scenes video capture into what you do you'll benefit by using these videos as marketing tools in our own right for yourself while also being able to provide your clientele a glimpse into the experience of how you operate. In this class you'll learn some quick ’n dirty techniques for getting great footage that will not only showcase your business, but will capture a powerful video for your subject. Levy will cover the basics for those just getting started as well as more advanced tips that will set your work apart.

2:00pm to 3:30pm

Quick and Dirty BTS: Round 2
w/ Levy “The Romanian” Moroshan

Now that you've got the basics and captured some footing during Round 1 of Q&D BTS it's time to go to town on that footage and put it together into a little clip.

Social Media Smackdown!
w/ Maurice “Jagershots” Jager

You can run but you can't hide! Social Media is here to stay. Learn how to get it to work for you. Master tactics for getting leads and engagement online. Being able to convert real-life interactions to social media interactions and vice versa will help to get your story, message and brand out there. It's time to dominate in the social arena.

3:45pm to 4:45pm

The Panel Royale: Q&A Discussion with our HSC Headshot Heavyweights

As you venture out of Headshotmania and into Headshotland you are bound to have some lingering questions that you'll need answered. This is a total free for all with the best of the best. Anything goes, no holds barred, Q&A with the HSC Heavyweights that are truly getting the job done!

5:00pm to 6:00pm

The Closer: Action/Reaction!
w/ Peter “The Man” Hurley

Peter will wrap this sucker up with a call to action directed at taking all the information you absorbed at Headshotmania and implementing immediately into your work. We'll create accountability with fellow crew members through our wingman program to keep you on track. By putting a serious support system in place this crew is changing the level of headshot photography globally. You are part of this movement and it’s changing the trajectory of photographers careers all over the world.

8:00pm to 10:00pm

Closing Party
Friday, February 23rd


Vegas Bound

The Headshot Crew mobile will be ready to go at 10am to make the trek to Las Vegas! Sign up required.


Full Access Pass - $999

Includes access to all classes, the opening reception and closing party, as well as breakfast each day.

1 on 1 With Peter Hurley - $149

Don’t miss out on the chance to go 1 on 1 with Peter! He will be holding 1 on 1 portfolio reviews during the conference for an additional fee.

Off Site Photo Excursion - $199

Each day you will have the opportunity to partake in a 4 hour off site photo excursion. Each excursion is $199 and limited to 15 students.

Guest Pass - $99

Includes access to the reception party and closing party for guests not participating in the workshops.

Room Rates

There are a limited amount of rooms at a special rate of $119 per night (2/19-2/22) at the AAA Four Diamond upscale Morongo resort. Please call the reservation department at 1-888-667-6646 to book your stay. Use "HeadshotMania" for the group rate.

  • Rates Quoted are Net Non-Commissionable
  • Bed type must be requested at the time of booking
  • Rates are not inclusive of the 9% nightly tax for the attendees
  • Rates are not inclusive of the $25 Resort Fee per night.
  • Check in is 4pm, Check out is 11am.
  • A credit card is required from all guests to secure charges
  • Registered guests must be of 21 years of age or older


When is HeadshotMania?

February 19th - 22nd, 2018

Where is HeadshotMania?

Morongo Resort which is located at 49500 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230. It is just outside of Palm Springs, CA.

What can I expect at Headshotmania?

We’ll really get your head spinning with 15 rounds of non-stop headshot action over the course of Headshotmania. The sheer energy from the event will have you juiced up to get your own headshot/portrait show on the road upon your return home. Best part about it is that we’ll not only be sending you home with a slew of new ideas to infuse into your work, but will be setting everyone up with a HSC wingman situation to allow you to grow at your own pace alongside a certified Associate Photographer of the Headshot Crew. Retaining the information that you’ve absorbed during our 3 days together is key to your success and this crew doesn't’ leave anyone out in the cold. Upping your game and putting money into the pockets of those that want to run their show as a business is what we are all about. So if you are looking to improve your skills and possibly add this much needed service as a source of income to your picture taking then this is a no can miss event for you. We’ll look forward to seeing you at Morongo in February!

Where is the closest airport?

There are 2 airports in close proximity to Morongo.
  • Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) is about 21 miles from Morongo and is located at 3400 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262.
  • Ontario International Airport (ONT) is about 55 miles from Morongo and is located at 2500 E Airport Dr., Ontario, CA 91761.
The Headshot Crew has made it possible for you to arrange a free shuttle to transport you to and from both of the airports listed above. Schedule your shuttle service here

How much does it cost?

A conference pass is $999.

You can purchase the following add ons:

  • A 20 minute 1 on 1 Portfolio Review with Peter “The Man” himself for ($149)
  • An on location photo excursion with Mike Schacht, Levy Moroshan or JDP for ($199)
  • Guest passes for family to attend the Way-In Reception and Wrap Party ($99)

You are responsible for your own travel and lodging for Headshotmania. We do have a special room rate at Morongo that you can take advantage of by calling the Morongo reservation center at 1-888-667-6646 and mentioning that you are with Headshotmania.

What is included in the conference pass?

  • Way-In Reception
  • One 3-day Headshotmania conference pass
  • Breakfast each morning of the conference
  • Wrap Party

Why would I want to register for one of the off site Photo Excursions? What is the difference between each photo excursion?

We’ve got daily excursions planned to mix things up for those of you that want to dig into a little environmental portraiture by going off the reservation with one of our stellar portrait specialists. Either Mike “Skylight” Schacht, Levi “The Romanian” Moroshan or John David “The Diamond Cutter” Pittman will be taking a crew on the road for the afternoon to hit the desert. They’ll each give you their take on working with the elements to create a captivating portrait. Choose your day and instructor based on the schedule of events to make sure you don’t miss anything that peaks your interest. To add an excursion to your registration the cost is $199 and each class is limited to 15 students.

So what is the deal with the schedule? Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Headshotmania is comprised of 3 full days of action! Each morning will start with a light breakfast followed by a group class for all to attend. After the 1st Round each morning, you can choose between one of two classes to attend in each of our other rounds. Seating in each class is on a first come first serve basis. Each day is a little different, so if you have any questions on which classes you should take, contact us here.

The only classes that you need to pre-register for (after registering for the conference) are the On Location Excursions. Those are 4 hour hands on workshops that will take place off site.

I’ve signed up for a portfolio review with Peter. How do I schedule that?

Once you have signed up for a portfolio review, Peter will contact you a week or so prior to the event to schedule your time during Headshotmania.

I have attended Peter’s Headshot Intensive, is HeadshotMania still for me?

Yes! If you have taken any of Peter’s workshops, you will still find Headshotmania to be an invaluable experience. You will have the chance to nail down any aspect of your headshot photography that you feel still needs improvement, learn portrait techniques from some of the best portrait photographers out there, and learn business development techniques to take your business to the next level. Be sure to check out some of the on location photo excursions as these are more advanced courses.

I have not taken any of Peter’s other workshops and really don’t have an established skillset in headshot photography, is HeadshotMania still for me?

Yes! Headshotmania has courses designed to teach you everything from mastering your portrait/headshot lighting and directing your clients from A-Z. You’ll leave equipped the skills needed to rock your next headshot or portrait session. Absolutely no headshot experience necessary prior to attending this event! All you need is a camera in hand and the desire to learn. If you have questions regarding which classes to take, please use the contact form below to reach out to us.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely! Peter will be bringing his family and so will many other crew members. We look forward to meeting yours!

As you’ll be going rounds each day to up your photography game, you can check out these links for ideas to keep the family entertained:

Morongo Valley Activities | Palm Spring Activities | Free things to do in Palm Springs

What should I bring with me?

You will want to bring your camera, a lens that hits in the range of 85mm-120mm, a tripod with a center column and ball head that is capable of going over 6’ as well as your tethering gear if you’d like to shoot tethered. We’d love for you to bring your current lighting setup as well if it’s not too much of an inconvenience. We will have a huge space that will handle a ton of shooting bays for everyone to try out during our open shooting sessions, so get ready to rumble! If you have signed up for a 1 on 1 with Peter, you will want to bring your portfolio for him to review with you and that could be a physical portfolio or just having it on a laptop or ipad.

Will Peter be teaching his classes?

Peter will be presenting the opening and closing keynotes, doing 1 on 1 portfolio reviews as well as teaching a goal setting class with Alaina”Tiny Trouble” Lutkitz. You’ll also spot him coaching throughout “The Rumble” each afternoon and he’ll be the MC of “The Panel Royale.”

What are dining options during HeadshotMania?

Morongo has a wide variety of on site dining options ranging from a casual food court to upscale dining. You can check out their dining options here. There are also several other options close by that include an In N’ Out Burger and an organic grocer.

How can I get to Las Vegas for WPPI

We have lined up one HSC mobile to take us from Morongo to Las Vegas for WPPI. You will need to register for a spot on the bus. It is free of charge, but spots are limited and based on when you purchased your conference pass! If the bus fills up and people still need to hitch a ride to Vegas we’ll work out individual vehicles or rent another HSC mobile for a charge, so sign up early to make sure you’ve got your spot on the bus!

Still have questions?

Shoot ‘em our way through the contact form!

Reserve your spot at HeadshotMania today!