Jennifer Sharp Kornoely

Kuna, ID
Sharp Branding Photography
About Jennifer

After years of real estate and architecture photography, I realized I was missing the human side of it, and missed collaborating.

That’s why I have built my branding photography business, where I work closely with clients to capture their unique personalities and vision.

What makes branding photography so exciting to me is that no two businesses are the same. Every shoot is a chance to collaborate closely with my clients, understand their unique needs and vision, and create images that help them communicate their brand story and connect with their audience.

Through my work, I showcase each business’s uniqueness and help my clients stand out from the crowd. The variety of shoots not only makes the work fun but also challenges me to develop new and creative ways to tell my clients continually’ stories visually.

Of course, there’s more to life than work. When I’m not shooting or brainstorming with clients, you might find me hiking the Boise foothills with my family and dogs, or plotting my next travel adventure, pouring over maps and guidebooks in search of the perfect destination.